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February 2022 Newsletter

In This Issue:

  • Office closed for President's Day
  • Land Link
Upcoming Events
  • Pesticide Trainings
  • Ag Management Expo 2022
  • ProHort Lawn & Landscape Update
Horticulture - Nicole Stoner
  • Winter Plant Care
4-H & Youth Development - Jacie Milius
  • 4-H Enrollment Now Open
  • Scholarship Newsletter
Food, Nutrition & Health - Tara Dunker
  • Frozen food myths, debunked
  • Maybe we should resolve to eat more pizza
Water and Integrated Cropping Systems- Nathan Mueller

  • Upcoming events for Farmers and Agronomists
  • Eastern Nebraska Soil Health Conference


Big picture

Land Link - Connecting Landowners with Land Seekers

Nebraska Land Link provides opportunities to connect land seekers with retiring landowners.

Land access is one of the biggest challenges facing aspiring and beginning farmers. For some landowners, they simply do not have the next generation available to take over their operation.

When you apply to Nebraska Land Link, either as a land seeker or a landowner, Nebraska Extension personnel will work to match your application with the most compatible counterpart. Using the answers you submit and offer in a potential interview, Nebraska Land Link matches are based on the shared values, interests and skills of both parties, so that a mutually beneficial and satisfying partnership can be forged over the course of the transition plan.

Before and throughout the process, we work to provide important educational information regarding transfers, communication, negotiations, goal setting and more. And we are here to answer any questions you might have.

Nebraska Land Link is a project of Nebraska Extension's Farm and Ranch Succession and Transition program and Nebraska Women in Agriculture.


2022 Pesticide Trainings

Check the date on your Commercial Pesticide License, if it expires in 2022, attend a class to avoid re-testing. Beatrice classes are February 15, March 8, and March 22 at the Extension Office. Register now at to get a spot in the smaller classes. For new applicators, the Beatrice class is March 17.

Private Pesticide trainings in Beatrice are February 10 and February 22 at the Extension Office. Registration required at Walk in's are not accepted.

Ag Management Expo 2022

Save the date for the Ag Management Expo February 8 from 9 am - 2 pm at SCC Campus in Beatrice. Private Pesticide Applicator Training (2 pm, pre-register at, Ag related booths and products, featured speakers including Dr. David Kohl, Professor Emeritus, Virginia Tech; Dr. Mary Drewnoski, UNL Beef System Extension Specialist; Paul Mussman, Ag West Commodities.

PorHort Lawn & Landscape Update

Plan to attend the ProHort Lawn & Landscape update February 17, 8:00-3:30 pm. A workshop for nursery & green industry professionals, public works employees, landscape managers, arborists, tree board volunteers, and cemetery & grounds keepers. Topics on pruning young trees, myth busters, what killed my plant, and in the weeds about weeds.

Winter Plant Care

It’s definitely getting colder outside. Winter isn’t officially here yet, but it is on its way. This is the time of the year where we give up on plants, but there are some things to consider prior to winter to ensure their survival.

4-H & Youth Development - Jacie Milius, Extension Educator

4-H Enrollment Now Open

Enrollment is open for 2022 Gage County 4-H. All 4-H youth (ages 8-18), Clover Kids (ages 5-7), and leaders are required to enroll online every year. This year, Nebraska 4-H has switched to 4-H Online 2.0. You will now be using the new website Current families and members, you will be able to use the same log in information that you have used in previous years. All of your information should have transferred over from the 1.0 version.

Enrollment deadline is June 15. We encourage all members to enroll using a computer and not your mobile device. This site is not mobile friendly and can cause some issues when it comes time to pay your dues online. Enrollment instructions for new members can be found at the Extension Office or online at Call Bailey or Sarah at 402-223-1384 with any enrollment questions.

$12 dues must be paid online at conclusion of enrollment process. **No enrollment fee for Clover Kids.

Scholarship Update

Gage County 4-H Juniors and Seniors, it's time for you to start looking at scholarships! There are numerous agricultural companies, organizations, and colleges that offer scholarships to students who have long-term career goals in agriculture. There are also a lot of local and county-wide scholarships for 4-H youth. Now is the time to put together a good resume-it helps!

At a loss for where to begin with scholarships and financial aid? We have multiple resources available for you! Check out the Scholarship Update Newsletter for resources and a list of local and statewide 4-H Scholarships.

Food, Nutrition & Health - Tara Dunker, Extension Educator

Frozen food myths, debunked

Frozen food often conjures up images of cardboard trays filled with some form of pressed meat, canned corn and instant potatoes, all covered with plastic film. But, any seasoned cook knows frozen food can be just as good for you as it is convenient. You just need to know what to look for and how to use it.

Maybe we should resolve to eat more pizza

I've committed a culinary crime against pizza. Whether you’re a so-thin-I-can-fold-it New York slice fan or a so-thick-I-need-a-fork Chicago deep dish fan, you’ll be appalled at what my 4-year-old thinks is pizza. If you’re new to my corner of the writing world, just know I’ve written more than once about adventures with my choosy eater. Cecilia. For being a Spiderman-loving, adventure seeker in all other areas of life, she knows how to keep her dietitian mom humble by being as timid as possible when it comes to food. Here’s my culinary crime:

Water and Integrated Cropping Systems - Nathan Mueller, Extension Educator

Upcoming Events for Farmers and Agronomists

There are a lot of winter Ag programs for farmers and agronomists to attend. I want to highlight some of the offerings from Nebraska Extension coming up in January and February.

Eastern Nebraska Soil Health Conference - February 2

The 2022 Eastern Nebraska Soil Health Conference (merger of two previous conferences, the Nebraska Cover Crop Conference and Southeast Nebraska Soil Health Conference) will provide information to farmers who are just getting started with cover crops and other soil health practices and to those who are already making soil health part of their farm operation plan.