Ms. Tiffani's Class News

Week of August 24th

Important Dates

Sept 1st - Library to visit
Sept. 7th - No School
Sept. 25th - No School

Happy September Birthdays to:
Dominick & Christian - 9th (PM)
Kaiden 16th (PM)

What Are We Learning???

In early childhood learning and practicing appropriate social skills are just as important as the academic skills we work on. This week we will be talking about problem solving (with peers and materials) and calm-down techniques for when we are upset. We will introduce and practice using the Problem Solving Kit for ways to solve problems with peers (usually sharing toys). I will also introduce and practice the Tucker the Turtle technique. This technique involves tucking in your shell (head in shirt), taking 3 or more deep breaths and thinking of a way to solve the problem or reason you are upset. We also will talk about areas in the room the children can go to take a break and calm down if needed. We also have a visit from the library this week!

This week we are also introducing Number Bear. Number Bear is part of our calendar math curriculum. Number Bear has a number of the week that we work on quantifying, writing, tallying, showing in 10 frames, etc. This week we will start with 1!

Speech-Language Group- August 31-September 4, 2015

We will identify our picture and follow a direction to place the picture in a named container (basket/box). We will continue to learn the words and actions to the "Friends Song". We will work on identifying, naming, and matching objects that are the same, and describe them using regular plural (-s) nouns.