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Taking it to the next level!

Today we got right down to the business of learning by exploring how Newton's Laws of Motion apply in golf. We also solidified the concept of scale by using Hot Wheels cars which typically come in 1:64 scale. Using a ruler, tape measure, and a variety of Hot Wheels (thanks Travis!) we determined which of the toy cars was closest to 1:64 scale in length. We even went outside to measure a few cars to test our theory (side parking lot - no traffic). Then we applied what we knew about scale to our table-top golf hole of 24 inches with a real hole being 24 feet. They figured out that after converting the 24 inches into 2 feet, we divided 24 by 2 to get 12. We successfully determined that our scale would be 1:12. Of course for the extra challenge I provided them with 1/2 inch graph paper so that we had to determine the scale of our blueprint (1:2). This concept is still a little fuzzy for them, but it was great to hear oooooh, throughout the day as it started to sink in. We will keep working on that! Finally it was time to design our table top golf hole. As a class we decided that for the mini version they would each design and build a hole focused on a metaphor that represented themself. Scale really hit home when they started to build and understood that even though their design was 12 inches (24 squares) they would need to build it at 24 inches. Needless to say, we had a lot of thinking going on in here!
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