!!!Teacher Stipends!!!

Participating Teachers will:

  • Learn new concepts and current international research in the area of Teacher Voice and Aspirations;
  • Challenge current thinking, role and expectation as a teacher;
  • Reflect on current practices and who you are as educator;
  • Discuss ideas and thoughts with colleagues in a safe, respectful and open atmosphere of learning;
  • Develop a personal plan for taking your voice to action in your current educational context.


Teacher Voice Conference

Partners Harney ESD and Harney School District #3 will take part in a year long professional journey with the Teacher Voice and Aspirations International Center. This journey will begin May 15 at 8AM at Burns High School. Teacher Voice and Aspirations is a natural outgrowth of the work being done by the Quaglia Institute for Student Aspirations to promote and embed the principles of Self Worth, Engagement, and Purpose in the teaching profession. TVAIC is grounded in the belief that it is critical to have teaching and learning environments that listen to the voices of students and teachers. By valuing and acting upon the voices of students and teachers schools will promote a culture where critical thinking and problem solving skills, creativity, collaboration, open communication, and aspirations for both students and staff will be realized. Ultimately, recognizing and valuing teacher voice and their aspirations will lead to academic, personal, and social growth for the entire educational community.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where: Burns High School

When: May 15th

Time: 8AM

Who: Teachers, Substitute Teachers, etc.

Lunch: Lunch, Coffee, Tea and Treats will be provided throughout the day

Stipend: Harney County Teachers will receive at a minimum a $150 stipend and depending on numbers potentially more