Class News Update

Reading Logs

The kids are doing a great job with their reading logs and keeping up with them beautifully. Now is the time to make sure the information contained in them is the best possible reflection of what their independent reading lives look like. Pages read and accurate amount of time logged help me to see if a child is reading about the right amount per minute or if they are in a book that is too easy or too hard. Take a look at your child's reading log to see what you think. Are they finishing books or continually abandoning books? Speaking with your child about questions like this will help them to reflect more on their lives as a reader and make them that much stronger!

In math...

We will begin Unit 3: Multiple Towers and Division Stories
Here's what your kids need to know for this unit!

This unit continues with the multiplication and division work introduced
in Unit 1. The work in this unit assumes that students understand that
multiplication can be used in problems involving equal groups, that division
is related to multiplication, and that division also involves the making of
equal-sized groups. Students are expected to illustrate and explain their
calculations by using equations, arrays, and/or area models. It is expected
that students know most, if not all, of the multiplication combinations up to
12 x 12
. Students will recognize a multiplication equation as a multiplicative


Thanks to the Crystal Hendrix (Media) and Paige Duft (Art), our class will be participating in two art activities over the course of the next week. We will celebrate DOT day by Skyping with a class in Vermont where we will read the book "The Dot" and then hear about a art project they are doing in Vermont. Then on Thursday afternoon we will make our own Dot art. Check this book out if you haven't before as it inspires us to see greatness in every child. We will also be studying the meaning of peace this week and Ms. Duft will have the kids make a beautiful project around the theme of peace.

I could use help with...

1. filing student work samples in portfolios.

2. selling mugs before and after school to raise money for Sound to Sea.

3. finding out a good contact person for either Brother Wolf or The Humane Society (We'd like to do a service project and learn more about animal adaptations in shelters for science.).

4. the chickens who will soon be back to Dickson; including donations of chicken feed AND help putting them away after school (around 4ish to dusk) and on the weekends.