Birth Defects

Jayli Edwards

Radiation ~Don't have a baby with 3 arms.~

“These birth defects include a reduction in height, severe mental retardation, small head size and impaired brain development, the latter of which may indirectly reduce an individual’s IQ and school performance”

Convince people around us to stop radiation fall outs in our future.

Defects Names:

  • microcephaly

    A neurological disorder which causes the affected person to have an abnormally small head due to a failure of brain growth. (smaller brain)

  • ionizing radiation

    High-energy radiation that is capable of causing ionization in substances through which it passes; also includes high-energy particles. (loss in arm)

  • congenital

    Present change since birth. (extra toes)

  • Symptoms:

    Depending on how the body takes the radiation, for example a baby could have two heads, extra toes, and extra arms, and smaller brains.

    Even once in a while cancer can take place, like:

    Brain Cancer Strongest association when exposure under 20 years of age

    Breast Cancer: Have cancerous tumors in the breast area in women.

    Pollution of Radiation:

    Physical pollution in the air, water and other radioactive materials...Living in these environments one can become to have radiation poisoning, Damaging cell in various tissue with health problems presented in the first 24 hours. Even rarely can mutate your DNA.
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