By: Emiley Reikofski ,2nd hour


Medicine is an the treatment/ prevention of a virus or an disease. Medicine is used for many reasons lots people use it to help there selves by getting there medication they need from stores. Another reason is that medicine is used for when people get really sick or have something going on there body that they don't know .They just go to an hospital and get the treatments they need such as medicine injections , liquids, antibiotics etc. There is some things they can not cure like diabetes which means your not getting enough insulin in your body which means you have to eat healthy. when deciding to give a patient medicine the doctors tries to see what is causing the situation.


Today in the world medicine is used mostly everywhere. Medicine was invented by the Hippocrates went to practice medicine the went to a school to learn every term medicine.Studying about the human body about organisms in health and disease . During the process the learned about "Four Humors".Each of them are blood, Phlegm,Yellow Bile,Black Bile that make up the nature body which he felt the one of these would make him better. Hippocrates also believed illness had a cause , then that there observation of the patient on there studies has a vital of medical care. Today there is no problems of medicine unless the medicine dose not work but other than that nothing. since how many years ago Hippocrates did studies on a patient we have all kinds of medicine now that help every one in the world today if they have an virus or diseases.

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