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Iowa Senate Bills 2041/2253

SF 2041/2253

As some of you may / may not have heard, the Iowa Senate has recently proposed a bill which would allow some students to fulfill their physical education credits by participating in show choir and/or marching band. The Iowa AHPERD Leadership Council has discussed this at length recently and we agree that this is something we cannot support as it is written. We understand the value of music in a well rounded education but that the lifelong benefits of health and physical education are taught best by you - certified health and physical education teachers.

Below is a sample letter that if you choose to, you could copy and paste into an email to your state senators. We will provide the link to your representatives below. Feel free to make the email personal with some of your own experiences.

We've been through a few battles recently and one of the things we hear back is how positive and passionate you all are. So keep it positive and share/share/share! Together we can make a difference in our students' lives.

Josh Hildebrand
2019-20 IAHPERD President

Who is your Representative??

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Sample Letter to copy & paste into your own email - Replace the words inside the parenthesis with your own information.

Subject: Bill to allow Show Choir and Marching Band as an exemption for Physical Education Credits

Dear ((Recipient’s Title and Name)),

I am committed to empowering all children to lead healthy and active lifestyles through their health and physical education program. Thanks to the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), Health and Physical Education programs are now apart of a well-rounded education for our students.

I am contacting you with the concern over the recent movement of a bill allowing students to use show choir and marching band to replace their physical education credits at the middle school and high school levels. Health and Physical Education is more than just physical activity. The education provided to students allows them to empower themselves and learn how to create a healthy and active lifestyle through the high quality education they receive from their physical education instructor.

With the state of Iowa recently adopting new state Physical Education standards, we are at a point where physical education has become more important for all our students. The content taught to students is developmentally appropriate instruction with essential skills and knowledge throughout the learning experience. Students learn about body mechanics, instructed of the importance of physical exercise, how eating the right foods and proper hydration can lead to a healthy lifestyle, etc. These are skills that all students can use after their high school years.

Research has shown participation in physical activity and physical education improves student attendance, test scores, participation and enthusiasm for other academic subjects, motivation to learn, and reduces discipline referrals. Evidence also shows that effective school health education reduces student participation in negative behaviors such as smoking/vaping, heavy drinking, school misbehavior, and violence.

Please consider how important a high quality health and physical education program can be for all students. It is more than physical activity and is a vital part of a well-rounded education for students. I look forward to the future of health and physical education for our students!


((Your Full Name))

((Your Title/Position))

((Your School District))

Iowa Association of Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance