Green Team Update

Energy Conservation and Latest Projects!

Happy November!

Hello Hollywood Staff! The Green Team would like to inform you of some new ideas and projects we currently have planned.

Thank you for putting your used markers in the marker bins so we can send them to Crayola to be recycled!

Green Team's student members will be collecting recycling from your blue bins.

TREX Recycling!

We have entered the TREX recycling competition! (
Kick-off started November 15th; this will continue until April.

They make decks and other outdoor products out of recycled plastic! (Below is an example composite deck). We are going to be collecting many kinds of plastic bags and enter the competition to recycle as many pounds of plastic bags we possibly can! We are hoping this will encourage recycling within our Hollywood community and families.

There are 3 white bins to turn in plastic bags. Christine Allen will collect them when they are full so she can weigh and deposit the bags. They can be all kinds of plastic bags as long as they are clean and free of food residue. The TREX company provided each student with a magnet for their home to remind families of what they can bring to school to aid us in our competition!! The parents and kids can just drop them off on their way into school.

Some examples of plastic bags they take:

grocery bags, bread bags, case overwrap, dry cleaning bags, newspaper sleeves, ice bags, wood pellet bags,ziploc & other re-sealable bags, produce bags, bubble wrap, salt bags, and cereal bags

Let Christine Allen know if you have any questions. ( )

A PeachJar flyer will be sent to parents soon.

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Energy Conservation

St. Mary's County Public Schools would like to focus on ensuring we are "being green" by conserving the energy we use and "helping to reduce our $5.7 million dollar utility budget."

Kim Howe, Director of Green Schools, gave some great reminders of remembering to:

-keep doors and windows closed

-turn off all lights and electronics when not in use (with the exception of printers)

-report water leaks ASAP

A few additional reminders from your Green Team:

-remind your students of limiting paper towel waste

-turn off SmartBoards/Promethean boards when not in use

-use socks as erasers for dry erase boards
-print double-sided copies when you can

-make sure air vents are not blocked by classroom materials

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Hollywood Green Team

Bonnie Alanis

Christine Allen

Kelly Rohacek