Cilia and Flagella

By: Heath Riddle, and Klarissa Bryson


Cilia and Flagella are organelles that are located in eukaryotes structurally built to help the cell move. They are different in size and the way they move.

Cilia: are short hairlike structures that move in a more circular 3D motion; there are hundreds of cilia per cell

Flagella: are longer hairlike structures; there are only a few per cell (one to eight)


Both Cilia and Flagella are made of microtubules which are covered by plasma membranes. The microtubules are motile and can move the cell or move things around the cell. The main purpose of Cilia is to help the cell move fluids, mucous, or other cells over their surface, while flagella are more important and helpful to move the cell around.
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Interesting Facts:

  • Flagella are the main hairlike structures that help the sperm move
  • Green algae use Cilia and Flagella to help with mating
  • They are projections from the cells.