Megan Smith

Name - Megan Smith

Birth date/Death date - October 1964

Megan Smith was named the Chief Technology Officer of the US by President Obama. She's currently holding the Vice President position for the Google company.

  • Smith is an award-winning entrepreneur, engineer, and tech evangelist. Her creative mind and interest in computer science, has helped out in the STEM world. She has created bicycle locks, space station construction programs, and solar cookstoves. These are all inventions that she developed using computer science. She's a science genius who plans on changing the world of STEM.

Leonardo da Vinci

Name - Leonardo da Vinci

Birth Date/Death Date - April 15,1452

Leonardo da Vinci painted the world-famous Mona Lisa which was one of his major contributions.

His Mona Lisa contributed to STEM because he used mechanical works and science to figure out how to lay it out

Jane Goodall

Name - Jane Goodall

Birth date/ Death Date - April 3, 1934 and is still alive

Her major contribution was discovering what chimpanzees can do

This contributes to stem because she studied chimpanzees and realized they are a lot like us and they can use tools just like us.

Isaac Newton

Name - Isaac Newton

Birth date/Death date - January 4, 1643 - March 31, 1727

His major contribution was figuring out gravity

This applies to stem because without gravity we probably would be floating or something and he did many things to discover and learn about gravity.