Nothing Gold Can Stay

by Payton Johnson



I think this poem is about how all good things must come to an end, because the title is Nothing Gold Can Stay.


This poem is about a leaf that is born so beautiful in this amazing gold color and eventually as time passes the leaf starts to lose its gold color and the it dies.


In the poem it says, "the nature's first green is gold..", this means that each new part of nature has something beautiful. It was born and its so beautiful it reminds them of gold. Also, how the first part of natures life is golden. It also says," dawn goes down to day. Nothing gold can stay.", this is implying how it remains beautiful but time will pass, and eventually die.


the poet's tone is hopeful and serious. It also has this positive vibe in the beginning. In the beginning it talks about how beautiful the new leaf is. Then its talking about how time passes by and its gets old and eventually dies.


There is a shift in this poem. It talks about how beautiful the leaf is and how green is nature's first gold. Then in the next lines it talks about the day passing by and the leaf dying.


After reading this poem, I'm still keeping what I said in the title before I read it. This leaf is born and it turns something astonishing and then it sadly dies. Like the poem says, nothing gold can stay.


The message I got out of this poem was, "all good thing must come to an end." I got this message because the title is Nothing Gold Can Stay and to that means, it's beautiful while it last but it can't last forever.