Weather Fronts

Cold front, Warm front, Stationary front, Occluded front


A front is a boundary separating 2 air masses of different densities. The 4 different air fronts are: Cold front, Warm front, Stationary front, and Occluded front.

Cold front

It is a mass of cold air. The warm air gets pushed up and it rains for a couple of days. They generally move from northwest to southeast. When a cold front passes the temperature can drop about 15 degrees in and hour. Cumulus and stratus clouds are formed with a cold front.

Warm front

A mass of warm air. The warm front and cold front combined and there is light rain showers. They usually move southwest to northeast. When it passes the air becomes warmer and there is more humidity in the air. Cirrus and stratus cloud are created by a warm front.

Stationary front

A stationary front is 2 front that aren't strong enough to replace the other. They fight over the amount of room creating a big storm. When a warm front or cold front stops moving it becomes a stationary front.

Occluded front

When a cold front takes over a warm front. A warm front gets stuck between 2 cold fronts and cloudy and rainy weather occur. This creates cyclones.

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