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Leeward CC Newsletter February 17, 2016

Career Dynamics Week features : "High growth. High salary. High impact." Careers in Software Engineering

Monday, Feb. 22nd, 11am-1pm

LC - 102 Leeward Community College

Interested in being a computer software developer in 12 weeks? Come and learn about DevLeague, which is an accelerated computer-programing course offered through the Manoa Innovation Center.
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Leeward CC to UH Manoa Transfer Presentation

Interested in transferring to UH Manoa's ICS Program?

Gerald Lau faculty specialist from Manoa will be talking about what steps you should take to have a smooth transition to any of UH Manoa's Computer Science programs.

Date: March 2nd

Time: 12:00 - 1:15 p.m.

Location: Leeward Community College - BS 107

Geek Day @ Leeward

Come down to Leeward CC for free workshops on technology and today's digital lifestyle.

  • Hands-On Workshops
  • Google Cardboard
  • Sphero's BB-8 & Ollie
  • Practical Gadgets
  • Door Prizes

Date: Saturday Feb. 27

Time: 10:00 am - 3:00 pm

Flyer attached for more detailed information (click on photo to enlarge)

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A Message From Your Counselor...

Counselor and Student Responsibilities

Hope everyone is doing well, just a friendly reminder that the advising process is a partnership and shared responsibility between student and counselor.

Expectations of Students

-Be courteous and plan ahead (schedule
appointments early and cancel or reschedule if
-Be an active participant in identifying yourcareer/educational goal(s) and creating an
academic plan.
-Come to appointments prepared with your STAR
academic journey print out, questions, concerns,
or other topics for discussion.
-Be open to recommendations from counselors,
faculty and other mentors.
-Become knowledgeable of campus policies,
procedures, and resources.
-Monitor your academic progress by using
advising tools such as STAR, college websites,
schedule of classes, and the college catalog to
track your progress.
-Read your email and check your
MyUH portal regularly for announcements and
-Accept final responsibility for all your decisions
and actions.

Expectations of Counselors
-Provide a safe, respectful, and supportive
environment that honors confidentiality for
counseling and advising.
-Listen to your concerns and respect your
individual values and choices.
-Assist you in defining your academic, career,
and personal goals.
-Assist you in outlining an academic/career
plan that supports your goals.
-Assist you in course scheduling, majors and
degree requirements, and transfer options
using advising tools such as STAR, college
websites, etc.
-Assist you in understanding Leeward CC
policies, procedures, processes, and available
-Empower you to be an independent,
resourceful thinker who will assume
responsibility for your own decisions.
-Refer you to other campus, system and/or
community resources as appropriate.

IT and Cyber Security Positions at Pearl Harbor


IT Specialist:

Telecommunications Specialist:

All of these positions and more can be found at

Student Success Support Team, here to help you!

Amy Amper

Program Counselor

Academic Counseling, Class Registration, and Degree Planning

Melodee Himuro

Academic Specialist

Academic and Life Skills, Connection to Campus and Academic Resources

Joseph 'Steve' Lorenz

Peer Mentor

Peer Support and Campus Resource Connection