hard ware

what makes my computer work

Computer RAM

What does the computer ram do?

RAM - Random Access Memory, or volatile memory, is used by the system to store data for processing by a computer's central processing unit (CPU), also known as the processor.

computer monitor.

what dose a computer monitor do.?

A monitor will display images generated from the video output of your computer, without producing a recording.


these are verry good and they have crystel clear pichtuer and verry fast at loading.



These are the and keeps your computer faster. It processes all of your information on your computer. The faster your processor, the faster your computer will work. ><)))#>


a drive is for storing information on your computer.


it stands for read only memory. So you can not add to it after you have saved it to rom just like a cd.


a motherboard is just like your back bone sends signel to your branin with out it you couldent do nuthing. so when your typing on a key bored its sending signels to the motherboard then sends it to the monitor verry quickly.


inputs.Are microphones.keyboards.and mouses.

outputs are a monitor and spekers and sound of tv.

diffrent between inputs/outputs

Sound coming out of the power amp to the speakers.
That is the input of the loudspeaker.
Do you see the difference?
Your voice is the microphone's input. Its output is electrical impulses that are input to the amplifier. The amplified impulses are the output of the amplifier and input to the speaker. Sound waves are output of the speaker and input to your ears.

touch sreens.

Ever wonder why some touch screen phones cost more than others? Or why you can't seem to get the touch screen on your smartphone to work if you're wearing a glove? Most people don't know that there are three different types of touch screen technologies available: resistive, capacitive, and infrared. Learn about the different benefits and capabilities to make sure you get the touch screen phone you're looking for.