Santa banta jokes and Happy birthday wishes for all

Humor is the best medicine and play an essential act in curing different kind of illness by the therapy of laughter. Laughing is said to disburden you from body tension and physiological stress and increase immunity. Thus, it's good to say, reading santa banta jokes can lead to a healthy heart and a peaceful mind. Cracking these jokes in situations of stress at your workplace relieves your colleague from work load and mental pressure. The jokes makes your friend energetic, cognitive abilities and sharpens focus. Humor and funny jokes are such amazing things, that they have become a vital part of human life.

Also, your colleague or friend likes to receive praise and recognition on their birthday. When you remembered their birthday, it gives human a warm feeling, and in fact you took the time to celebrate their birthday, no matter how small the way is. If you search for a wonderful manner to send a greeting of encouragement and love. So there is a fun and sweet idea, that is gathering some happy birthday wishes, and send them as text messages. Your colleague or loved one or friend will feel like the birthday kid again when the entire day becomes a chance for celebration.