Sparta vs.Anthens

Who was better at governing and treating their people

Why not to live in Athens?

If you are a girl you will be treated harshly.You will be beaten and have no say.Men will have say in everything, but that isn't that great.Men can reverse the call and hurt or even kill a person.Do you really want to live a life like that?They also had a weak army unlike the Spartans.They were the politician type meaning they don't have a army to protect them.

Why to live in Sparta.

Life of a Sparta person

Spartans are always concerned about there army.They do not trade for a lot they take it after they conquered them.If there are any survivors they would be taken into slavery.Which is bad news for them.One warning do not be a slave.They are beat and they are accused for killing people.Some women are trained to kill a slave if ever threatened.Much Spartans are warriors and are trained at the age of 7 years old.That is the weirdest thin in Sparta.
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