William D. Cooldige

An inventor of tungsten and x-ray tubes

William D. Coolige, a man of many inventions

· Born in October 13, 1893 at Hudson Massachusetts

· Went to school at the Massachusetts institute of technology

· Had a career in electrical engineering

· Died in Schenecadady in 1975 at the age of 101 by natural causes

· He invented ductile tungsten for the modern day light bulb and also made an x-ray tube

· By doing this, he played a leading role in making the incandescent lamp and the x-ray what it is today

· If this person had never lived, light bulbs would cost too much to manufacture at a large scale and the x-rays wouldn’t have been able to be used for things like they are today

· World War 1 was a major event that went on during his life. Because of this, he was influenced to make an X-ray tube to detect submarines

· He was the son of a farmer and a dressmaker

· He worked in a shoe store to help support his family and had to borrow money and get scholarships and fellowships to go to college

· He had two children with his wife Ethel Westcott Woodard.

· By inventing the tungsten, William made a huge contribution to the other scientists that also helped make the light bulb. Also, by inventing the x-ray tube, he made a major contribution to the advance in medical technology

· William lived in Massachusetts most of his life but, he started having to travel around the U.S. more because of his work

Some of his many awards

Rumford Medal of the American Academy of Arts and Science

Howard N. Potts Medal of the Franklin Institute

Louis Edward Levy Gold Medal of the Franklin Institute

Gold Medal of the American College of Radiology

Hughes Medal of the Royal Society, London

Edison Medal of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers

Washington Award of the Western Society of Engineers

John Scott Award

His inventions

Other information

· This person is inspiring because he grew up from having to work to support his family to making some of the best inventions in history

· Other people think that William is a brilliant man. They describe him as brilliant because he has made such a huge contribution to science

· William had to overcome problems such as paying for college and supporting his family

· William experienced living during world war 1 and two therefore because of that there was demand for new inventions which he made.