Australian goverment

Ellie Adams & Alison Carr

Why do you need 76 seats to win parliment?


Each seat represents 1 member and if there are not enough seats Parliament won't have enough representatives from the opposition and the Government.

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Can senators be re elected before their time is up?


A senator stays in Parliament for six years, so they may choose to run for the election every six years. They can also be appointed or elected in a special election to serve the remainder of their time.

How are laws made?


The lower house will think of a law that they want to become a law then if they agree they will send it to the Senate (upper house). The Senate will argue for the point of their opinions (mostly on their party's side of the thought.) if they finally decide that the law should be passed then it will become a law.

How do you get into Parliament?


Every year the public vote on the person and the party that they want to be the Government and the party with the most votes becomes the Government. The party with the second highest amount of votes become the opposition.

What is Democracy?


Democracy is when the public get to vote and when there is a Government in charge. A

non-Democratic country is when the person in charge (the Dictator) tells people what to do and they don't get a say in anything.

All of this work is thought up or researched on the internet.