ESC Region 11 AESA Presentations

You won't want to miss these three dynamic sessions!

Session 1 - John Petree

Budget Barriers? Learn to Maximize Your Funds for Success

Service agency budgets can sometimes create barriers to achieving ideal collaboration, efficiency, and productivity between different department/program staff. As an ESA, our mission is to provide the products and services that our districts need to be successful, and budgets alone shouldn't drive the way in which we do this. Join us as we share how to break down the walls, dispel the myths, and jump the hurdles in maximizing federal, state, and local funds in order to optimize agency outcomes.

Budget Barriers Presentation

Budget Template

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Session 2 - Jackie Brown

Changing Staff Culture Begins with Our Leadership

Changing the culture of an organization is no easy task, and it often falls on the shoulders of the leadership staff to ignite a change. Join us as we examine how our ESA started this process – including a fluid organizational structure, flexible new work environment, and employee “buy in” activities. The most difficult task, however, involved taking a very candid look at how our own management practices were affecting morale and trust. Learn from our mistakes and benefit from the successes we experienced as we tackled this huge endeavor in an effort to better lead and serve our districts.

Changing Staff Culture Presentation
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Session 3 - Chris Everett

Start with WHY, THEN Build Your Big Rocks

In order for any organization to transform, it is crucial to understand why it exists and for all team members to share that understanding. This session will discuss the reality behind this requirement, why it is so important, and how this determination can lead to the development of what your organization does best. We will detail our journey to the development of ESC Region 11 Big Rocks, our failures as well as our successes.

Start with WHY presentation