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October 2021

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From the Principal

Hello Mohawk Families!

During the first week in October, we will practice our lockdown drill. Unfortunately, our changing world requires us to prepare for emergencies differently than we have in the past. We need to prepare our students without causing fear. The ALiCE training and activity book, I’m Not Scared, I’m Prepared by Julia Cook, is a way for students to learn about staying safe.

The purpose of this book is to enhance the concepts taught by the ALICE Training Institute and make them applicable to children of all ages in a non-fearful way. By using this book, children can develop a better understanding of what needs to be done if they ever encounter a “dangerous someone.” The story uses the experiences of “ant” students attending school. The students know that their teacher is always trying to keep them safe and has already taught them about fire drills and bad weather drills. The ant teacher shows the students a drill called the Sheep (the students), the Shepherd (teacher) and the Wolf (someone dangerous). The teacher shows the students how to stay safe if someone dangerous is inside the building.

Our drills are based on the concepts that the “ant” teacher shows her students. The drills will include BOTH a lesson from the book, “I’m NOT Scared, I’m Prepared!” and an opportunity to practice. Keeping your child safe is our top priority. I have included some information below for you to review.

If you have any concerns, please contact me or your child’s teacher.


Ms. Andrea Verellen

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October Calendar

October 1st

Tiger Trek

October 6th

Walk To School Day

Count Day

October 8th

Tiger Trek Fun Day

October 19th

CVVA Materials Pick-Up 9am-3pm

PTO Meting 7pm

October 20th

Virtual Conferences

Half Day 11:25am Dismissal

October 21st

Virtual Conferences

Half Day 11:25am Dismissal

October 22nd

Half Day 11:25am Dismissal

PTO Night Out-Westview Orchard

October 25th-29th

Red Ribbon Week (See below)

October 26th

PEN Night K-2nd

October 29th

Halloween Parade Outside 10:30am

(Weather Permitting)

November 4th

PEN Night 3rd-5th

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Join us Wednesday, October 6th!

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Why Walk to School Day?

It's Fun!

There’s a feeling of joy and independence—a sense of adventure—that doesn’t fade. When walking, biking or rolling to school together, parents and children get to appreciate things they don’t notice while driving—listening to the sounds of the neighborhood, seeing friends and neighbors and feeling connected with their community. Parents, children and friends can enjoy one another’s company without the usual distractions.

Walk & Bike to School Day events celebrate these experiences and help make them possible for others. They bring schools and communities together for a common purpose. Most of all, they are fun!

Healthier Habits

Active trips to school enable children to incorporate the regular physical activity they need each day while also forming healthy habits that can last a lifetime. Regular physical activity helps children build strong bones, muscles and joints, and it decreases the risk of obesity. In contrast, insufficient physical activity can contribute to chronic diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer and stroke.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recommends that children and adolescents get one hour or more of physical activity each day. Research suggests that physically active kids are more likely to become healthy, physically active adults, underscoring the importance of developing the habit of regular physical activity early.

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Sign Up for Conferences

Your child's teacher will send you a link to participate in conferences.

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10 Concepts of ALICE Training for Elementary

ALICE Training for the elementary aged child is age and ability appropriate. ALICE Training Institute always leaves the grade level of implementation up to the local school district.

1. Children should be taught to follow direction the first time they are given in an emergency. We don’t want teachers to give directions to Evacuate or Lockdown and have students standing around asking, “But why?”

2. Students should be trained to STOP, LOOK, and LISTEN to announcements at the time they are given. If the PA system serves as the main information source in a school, students must be trained to STOP, LOOK, and LISTEN every time it comes on.

3. In a Lockdown, be quiet, listen to directions, stay out of the line of sight from the door, but DO NOT hide in a closet. Be ready to move or evacuate if the intruder comes into the room.

4. In a Counter situation when the secured location has been breached by an intruder, and evacuation is not possible, the best line of defense is to have kids up, moving, making noise, gaining distance and throwing items at the intruder.

5. Evacuation is always the best defense, if the information indicates it is safe to do so. Parents, staff and students must know where the RALLY/REUNIFICATION point is located. This location is usually away and separate from the school. Students should know how to get to the RALLY/REUNIFICATION point from every part of the school, and how to move quickly with OR without the teacher. It should be emphasized to parents that the RALLY/REUNIFICATION point is the place to go in case of an emergency.

6. Upper elementary students have more developed critical thinking and problem-solving skills and should take a much more active role in ALICE than children in the lower elementary grades.

7. We teach all aspects of ALICE EXCEPT the “swarm technique” (grabbing onto the appendages of an intruder and using your body weight to immobilize him) to elementary students.

8. Special needs students are planned for ahead of time, given their individualized situations. If a student cannot evacuate, plans must be made to fortify his/her location. When students with special needs are included in the general education class, teachers need to decide what is in the child’s best interest and plans should be made ahead of time. We cannot give a one-size-fits-all answer to the situations involving a student with special needs. The school must consider each case individually.

9. Education and empowerment are the keys to preparation and relieving fear.

10. Kids are taught in realistic terms what to do in case of danger. ALICE is much like a fire drill or a tornado drill. Its purpose is to prepare students for life inside and out of the classroom. The ALICE concepts are the same at school, home, the mall, the afterschool program, restaurants, church or any other place the child goes. We are teaching a lifelong safety skill.

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I'm Not Scared, I'm Prepared

Short video about the book.

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Virtual PEN Nights

We will be holding a virtual PEN Night on Tuesday, October 26th for students in Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grades.

On Thursday, November 4th we will have a virtual PEN Night for 3rd, 4th & 5th grade students.

Please make sure to register ahead of time!

Register for K-2nd

Parents must register ahead of time.

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Food Service and Meal Benefits

Just a reminder that ALL students enrolled at Chippewa Valley Schools can receive 1 free daily breakfast and 1 free daily lunch at NO CHARGE for the entire school year!

We are asking families to please complete the Free and Reduced Meal Application online at before October 15, 2021. Applications are good for one school year and should be completed each year unless you are notified that your child qualifies for free/reduced meal benefits for the current 21/22 school year. This will ensure that all additional funding for our school district is available to meet the needs of our students.

All information on the application is confidential. If you do not have access to fill out the application online, paper copies will be available at each school building’s Main Office.

If you need further assistance please contact the Food & Nutrition Office at 586-723-2110.

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Printable Menu

Thursday Pizza

Lunch Plus and Snacks

If your child wants lunch plus, they will be charged $1.50. First thru fifth graders can also purchase snacks for an additional charge. You can put money on your child's card via the "Send Money to School" app. Please see below for the link.
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Science Fun!

In spring of 2021, students in Science Exploration grew and planted Cosmos, Zinnias, and milkweed from seeds. The purpose of their efforts was to create a pollinator garden to attract Monarch butterflies.

Throughout the summer, Mrs. Sheridan was able to raise and release 47 Monarchs from the student’s garden. The last of the butterflies emerged during the first weeks of school and classes had the opportunity to observe the pupa and butterflies as well as participate in their release.

Students will continue to have opportunities to observe nature and help maintain the garden throughout this coming school year for all to enjoy!

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Mohawk's Red Ribbon Week October 25th-29th


In 1985, the National Family Partnership (NFP) organized the first nationwide Red Ribbon Campaign. During October, NFP provides drug awareness by sponsoring the annual Red Ribbon Celebration. Red Ribbon serves as a catalyst to help communities educate youth and encourage participation in drug prevention activities.

Children of parents who talk to their teens regularly about drugs are 42% less likely

to use drugs than those who don’t; yet, only a quarter of teens report having these


Red Ribbon Week® (October 23-31), the oldest and largest drug prevention campaign in

the nation, is your opportunity to get the ongoing conversation started.

This year’s theme is Drug Free Looks Like Me™

Visit to learn more about Red Ribbon Week® and get tips for talking to

your kids about drugs. The life you save may be that of your own child or a dear friend.

Red Ribbon Banner Contest

At Mohawk, we participate in grade appropriate activities to raise awareness. This year, all students are welcome to participate in Mohawk’s 2021 Red Ribbon Banner Contest. Students are asked to follow the guidelines below and submit their banner to the office no later than, Monday, October 11th . All of the banners will be displayed in the hall during the month of October.

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Sign Up for SACC Here

SACC Hours 6:30am-8:30am and 3:14pm-6:00pm on the days students are in school.

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Technology Help Page

Help with all things technology.

QR Codes

Frequently Visited Sites

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Tiger Trek Prize

Some of you may be seeing Tiger Trek prizes coming home. One of our awesome vendors, Imperial Lanes of Clinton Township, donated vouchers for a free game of bowling but forgot to put their name/logo on it. (There is a backside so sadly you can't just print out this photo to use. You must have the original we sent home)

Imperial Lanes

44650 Garfield Road

Clinton Township, MI


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Thank you Parents!

A big thank you goes out to all of the parents who supported Tiger Trek. We were able to raise over $16,000! All of the money goes back into the school to help our children! Check out or PTO webpage for lots of pictures. It was a great day!
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October 19, 2021

Join us for our October PTO meeting where you will learn about upcoming events. We will be meeting via Zoom, so please join us! You can also find PTO information on their website or Facebook page.

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