VCR Presentation Lesson 6

Bryan Culler

Guess the word

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The inspector _____________ that the chicken wanted to get to the other side of the road based off of his intuition and observation.





1. A theory or explanation that leads to further investigation for proof or disproof.

2. An assumption on which a conclusion or decision is based.


v. hypothesize: to form a hypothesis

adj. hypothetical: assumed by hypothesis

General notes

Hypotheses are very commonly used in most science environments.

(Look for science-related terminology)

Generally may follow an if.... then.... pattern

In the science world, hypotheses should be:




Not a fact


Hupo <G. "under," "beneath"


Hypothesis: guess, conclusion, theorem

Hypothesize: guess, contemplate, brainstorm

Hypothetical: supposed


Hypothesis: fact

Hypothesize: disregard

Hypothetical: certain


Choose the examples where the underlined word is used incorrectly.

1.) The scientist formed a hypothesis and he would later test it.

2.) Let's just say- hypothetically- that I broke your toy. How would you react?

3.) The boy was very hypothetical, he tended to gossip about how much others gossiped.

4.) This hypothetical information has already been proved by science.