Friday Coffee Chat

Friday, February 19th, 2016

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Persistence is Key

February is rolling right along, and there's still more than a week left to maximize your reach outs to customers! How fun would it be to hold an Oscar Viewing Trunk Show? Or a Leap Year Trunk Show? There are 10 days left to make February even more AMAZING, and I challenge you (see post below!) to make the most it!

Working our 2-2-4-2 plan persistently will lead to a consistent business, and reaching out now will not only help you book in tight for February, but also help you fill your calendar for March! I can't wait to see us all doing HUGE things as we move into the third month of this quarter, as I know lots of you are gunning for big goals and those coveted StyleFix passes too!

Keep reading for all kinds of information about our upcoming events, Summer Preview challenge, and our cross-team #SMACKDOWN challenge with my pacing partners to help all our teams grow through sponsoring!!




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Week 3 of our Sky Full of Stars series was AMAZING!

Thanks to all of you who joined us on Wednesday for week 3 of our Sky Full of Stars Call series!

Sandy Jamieson shared some of her brilliant best practices, tips and words to say for sponsoring. For those of you who missed it, this is a recording you will definitely want to watch the chat!

Tonight’s chat had a few challenges that we know you can achieve and I'm adding in a few more from home office here too!

1. Follow your 2242 tracker and fill in the gaps of where you are vs. where you want to be at the end of the month.

2. Include at LEAST 2 people on your WHO DO YOU KNOW LIST and follow the 3 steps of prospecting to sponsor (step # 1 build your list step # 2 warm her UP! Step # 3 follow-up with a call)

3. Invite 10 prospective stylists to this Sunday night’s FACEBOOK chat that I will be leading. We’ll help you sponsor them! Invite 10 and join in our Dream Chasers ‪#‎SMACKDOWN‬ we are doing as a team!

4. Book BRAND new in-home shows (effective today) for February or MARCH and be entered to win some fun prizes that I will be announcing in next few days!

Sponsoring Words to say here:

Hi Kate, You might think I am crazy but I think you’d really have fun doing this with me and I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to do this with you! You know I like the fashion and flexibility around the kiddos schedule, plus it is just so darn fun and feels good. You know what else is fun?….. being able to pay those bills from the holidays! It’s a new year and it’s fun to try new things so I thought I’d just have some courage to text you. If you are a little intrigued, I’d love to invite you to an online Facebook chat this Sunday night. And don’t worry if you aren't interested at all I won’t be offended….. we can just book a trunk show. Thoughts??

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Summer Preview Collection! CHALLENGE YOURSELF!

Who is sitting there feeling bad about themselves and their personal pipelines??? I've been there and I know you are out there!!! Feeling "blah" will never change the outcome of your business!!'s time to do something about it!


Who is ready to TAKE ACTION today?

Here are 3 things that really work in this business! Think about if you really do these things ???

1 Know your why.
2 Customer Care calls.
3 Offering specific, special dates

So why not do all 3 today? I want to officially THROW IT DOWN and challenge all of us to take this very specific action and book the Oscars (Feb 28th) and Feb 29th (LEAP YEAR TRUNK SHOW!)

Call every Fall Customer who spent over $100, and share these WTS - I know you loved your _____ from the fall and i loved meeting YOU! Wait until you see the spring line - you'll love it too! We have 2 fun Trunk Show dates coming up and I wanted to offer them to you first - the first is a super fun Oscar-themed trunk show - let's glam it up with Stella & Dot jewels and watch the red carpet together live - and the other is the once in every 4 years chance to be a Feb 29th Hostess! I'd love to shop with you and and your girlfriends on one of these dates, and get a jump on your free spring style! Which one works better for you? Let's do it!

Who's in? Who will reach out today to BOOK FOR FEBRUARY!

***BEST part is...if they say NO< then immediately offer TWO dates in the beginning of MARCH and get your calendar where YOU want to to be!

Oh... And check out a little MARCH SNEAK PEEK summer preview item too! And NO - this is not me in the picture! LOL!!

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Sponsoring Help - It's time for a cross team #SMACKDOWN!!

Let's get ready to RUMBLE.... LOOK OUT.....a DreamChasers #‎SMACKDOWN cross team challenge has just been issued and it starts NOW!!

We are going to SHINE the LIGHT on sponsoring this week with a little friendly cross team SMACKDOWN and see how many women we can invite to the Stylist Sneak Peek we are hosting on Sunday and how many we will sponsor as a team!

Samantha Ballard, Gina Bogda, Andrea Seeney and Sarah Loftus will also be doing the same with their teams...we will come up with a team who wins the SMACKDOWN challenge based on the points system below and the losing 4 team leaders will record their punishment on video next week in Jamaica at Glam!

As a team, we will track points - here is how they will break down:

* every Stylist on our team who invites TEN potentials to Sunday's Stylist Sneak Peek will earn the team ONE point. Post in our Facebook thread once you have invited TEN to the Stylist Sneak Peek so I can tally the points for our team the TrailBLAZERS.

* Any team members added to our team between now and Sunday will earn our team 2 points!

It's a SMACKDOWN!!! Who's ready to enter the arena with us!? Comment #SMACKDOWN in the comments on our Facebook thread if you are IN and tag your teams!

Let's have some FUN in Feb and breathe some life into this month, and help change other peoples lives by offering the GIFT we have as Stylists!!

Words to say below:

I hope you are doing well and enjoyed the long holiday weekend! So, this is going to sound totally out of left field, but I know you love accessories (just like me), so I had to reach out to invite you to an event this Sunday night to learn more about Stella & Dot - in case you're the littlest bit intrigued. This Facebook event is LIVE and will be hosted by my friend and mom to 3 kiddos. All you have to do is reply that you are GOING and you can be a fly on the wall or if you want, participate and ask lots of questions! Just so you know...I hear no all the time, so if you are like NO FREAKING WAY, that's totally OK! lol! However, join here if you're at all intrigued!

Weekly Training and Tips you do not want to miss:

Star+ Leader Call:

Core skills - Life Coach: h

All Stylist Business Blitz:


Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for Hosting a Trunk show, wearing one necklace, joining my team of AMAZING Stylists and for reading this email. My business would simply not be, without YOU!

With Gratitude,

Kristi xo