The Giver

by Lois Lowry


The Giver is a book about a boy named Jonus. Jonus lives in a community that is very specifically organized. People's lives are pretty much planned out for them. They do not even feel emotions any longer. Jonus' life gets turned up side down when he turns twelve and becomes the community's new Giver.

Main Characters

  1. Jonas – An Eleven year old who later becomes a Twelve. He becomes the next Receiver of Memory in his community. He has a sister, Lily, and a mother and a father.
  2. The Giver – The most important person in the community. He can experience pain and love, and can see color, unlike those around him. His daughter, Rosemary, was the one selected to be the Receiver ten years before Jonas was selected. Rosemary asked to be released, and so that assignment was considered a failure. No one in the community can ever speak her name again, nor can it be used again for another child; this is considered the highest degree of disgrace.
  3. Lily – A Seven who later becomes an Eight. She is Jonas' sister. She "loves" children.
  4. Gabriel (Gabe) – A baby. When he becomes a One, he is given an additional year to be properly nurtured, due to his inability to sleep soundlessly. Jonas' father and family unit take care of him sometimes. He has pale eyes like Jonas'. He was scheduled to be released, but Jonas runs away with him in the end.
  5. Asher – Jonas's best friend; an Eleven, later a Twelve. Asher is a carefree, happy boy but tends to find himself facing trouble. He is assigned to be the Assistant Director of Recreation.
  6. Jonas's father – A Nurturer. He cares a lot about Gabriel, so he manages to give him an extra year to develop properly. He takes care of the new-children during the day. He is a shy and quiet man who is responsible for the physical and emotional needs of new-children.
  7. Jonas's mother – A judge who works for the Department of Justice.
  8. Fiona – an Eleven, later a Twelve; one of Jonas' friends. She is assigned to be the Caretaker of the Old. She appears in Jonas' dream that begins his Stirrings.
The Giver Trailer

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