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The ruler of Ancient Egypt was Pharaoh. Pharaoh owned everything. Pharaoh had a lot of people to help him: he had a army, police force, and a lot of ministers and government officials. The most important person besides Pharaoh was his vizier. The vizier got reports from every top official, and then he gives a concise report to Pharaoh on what was happening in Egypt.

Law and court.

The whole law system was based on common sense. There is a Egyptian goddess of justice according to persist her name is Ma'at. She proved wrong or right. The Egyptians believed that when they die they heart went on a scale with a feather. If their heart was lighter their soul went into paradise. The way to get your heart to be light is to do good deeds while they are alive. If their heart was heaver then the feather then they become a demon. They had a court system. There was a low court and a high court. The low court was made up elders from the villages. The high court was made up of Pharaoh who assigned his job to his vizier, who had to hear a case and make a judgment.

Fun Facts

    • The wives of the Pharaohs were the second most powerful people in the land after the Pharaohs
    • Citizens had to pay taxes to support the government.
    • In the New Kingdom, court cases were ruled by a local council of elders called a Kenbet.
    • Pharaohs would hold court for his top officials and high priests. People would approach him and kiss the ground at his feet.
    • They did not have a complicated set of laws and statutes. In many cases the judges were to rule using common sense in an effort to come to an agreement.

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