Winter Olympics Skiing

Cross Country Skiing By: Gabrielle C.

What Is Cross Country Skiing

Cross country skiing is a sport were you run and slide on skies up to 20 miles per hour down flat land and sometimes slops. It is also a sport about time, meaning right when you take off your time is recorded when you finish the race. You are also competing against other people, trying to finish before them. All I can say is cross country skiing is a sport were your legs feel like jello after wards. In order to apply for the Olympics your going to need a year's worth of practice or even more!

Top Three Country's Who Received Medals/Cross Country Skiing

The top three country's are Norway, Norway, and Sweden. They all have received gold medals with almost the exact amount of time in the finished race. These girls say that it is an adventure trying for the Olympics, but theirs still more to come after. They are right, after you win your first competition they move on to the finals. The finals is were the competing gets so extreme its ten times as hard as the beginning of the Olympic races.

Olympic Medals

Worst Injury's In Cross Country Skiing.

In The Olympics

The worst injury's include concussion, intense bleeding from the brain, swelling, broken bones, and possible death. Some men and women say "Yes, it is a dangerous sport, but following your dreams is more important." These people are so brave they put there life in danger and possible risk of serious injury's.