Peeta Mellark

Character Traits


Peeta is studious ( because as he sees Haymitch for the first time he asks for some tip to survival in the games, but since Haymitch is drunk, he does not help. Peeta takes matters in to his own hands and knocks the glass of alcohol out of his hand and then asks for help, but Haymitch is still critical ( The next morning Peeta being gracious ( and askes for help and Haymitch humorless ( does what a dependable ( mentor would do.
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Peeta is self-Effacing ( because he is always civil( to all people, this was shown in how peeta gave some bread to Katniss, maybe peeta had burned the bread on purpose so that his mom would say to feed it to the pigs but he gave some of it to Katniss. Even though he knew his tyrannical ( mother would yell and hit him.
The Hunger Games: Katniss and Peeta Bread Flashback [HD]


Peeta is envious of Katniss because she got a eleven witch is the highest in the games that year.

So the next day Peeta asks to be trained separately and Katniss thinks he is envious of her because she got a eleven and he got a eight.

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