Community Learning Network #7

"Special Education Connection" (December 2015)

Dear Special Educators,

My name is Mueni Muthui, Special Education Liaison (SEL) for CLN-7, and I will be your instructional support for SY15-16 as it relates to students with special needs.

Also this year, Lara Huffman, Educational Specialist, from the office of Specialized Services will be providing compliance and case management related support.

Starting this month, you will receive a monthly newsletter with reminders for case management, upcoming professional development, PLC’s, and information regarding effective strategies and shared best practices for specialized instruction.

It has been a pleasure meeting all of you as both Lara and I look forward to working with CLN-7 this year! Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

~Mueni Muthui, SEL


~Lara Huffman, Educ. Specialist


●Thank you Mr. Ocariza, Special Educator @ Steuart Hill Acad., for hosting the December "Do the Math" training!! Your colleagues and SEL's very much enjoyed your creativity and welcoming classroom!

●Thank you to the Special Educators at the following schools for 100% COMPLETION of BOTH the Do the Math-BOM Data Table & Inventory Survey!!!

11-Eutaw Marshburn: April Valencik, Marissa Lemieux

28-William Pinderhughes: Tameka Dean, Julia Cornelius

150-Mary Ann Winterling: Mila Aguas, Rosario Mahinay, Tonette Campbell, Dawn McCrae

322-New Song: Claire Torrefranca

Upcoming Professional Development

● WJ-IV training on administration will take place @ PDC on December 14th & 15th (choose one day) from 8:30 – 4:30 for Special Educators.

You will need to bring the Assessment & 1 test booklet to the training.

Teachers must register for the training through PGS.

● The Monthly IEP Chair training will be held on December 16, 2015 from 8:30-3:30 @ PDC.

Monthly PLC Opportunities

....coming soon in January 2016!

Case Management Reminders

● Special Educators should be actively progress monitoring IEP goals with an identified monitoring process.

● Data binders/walls should be set up to capture data points for progress monitoring and present levels of performance: Amplify, I-Ready, Intervention, & other school-based tools.

● Special Educators with concerns accessing databases, please contact Ms. Muthui (SEL).

Specialized Instruction

,● Do the Math is a research-based intervention program that helps students develop a love of math while building numerical reasoning, fluency, and problem-solving skills. Based on the PARCC Accommodations Manual, students receiving a calculator as an accommodation should be receiving a math intervention. If you need support with training or implementation, please contact Ms. Muthui (SEL).



SEL’s and Specialized Services are currently working to complete Intervention Inventories for Literacy and Math in order to support areas of need.

Please complete requests from your SEL regarding intervention inventory. (ALL TEACHERS)

1) DTM Data Table: administer DTM Beginning of Module (BOM) placement assessment for your Pull-Out or LRE C students. Complete the table and email to Ms. Muthui (SEL)

NOTE: assessments were sent via email; please assess even if currently without kit so we can identify which modules to request for you.

2) Complete the online Inventory Survey at the following link:

3) I will complete inventory for Literacy intervention via school visits.

DEADLINE: December 18, 2015

Literacy/Math Updates

i-Ready window to assess your students begins December 1, 2015 and ends December 24, 2015. Students in grades 5 and 8 were provided accommodations for Administration 1. For Administration 2, these students should not receive accommodations.

After the diagnostic:

  • Check for completion (After logging in, click the question on the Home screen, “Which students still need to complete the Diagnostic?”)
  • Check for rushing in the Class Profile report. Look for the alert icon next to a student’s name
  • Review key reports including the Class Profile, Instructional Grouping Profile, and Student Profile reports.

●Special Education teachers who do not have their own class in SMS are able to create Instructional Groups in I-Ready. This will allow you to have access to all students on your caseload for instructional & data analysis purposes. Please refer to the Teacher Resources Guide in I-Ready in the Resources tab. If you are experiencing difficulty, please contact Ms. Muthui (SEL) for support.

Online Resources


PARCC Resource Center Directions:

1. Navigate to the PRC (

2. Click on the “Human” icon in the upper right of the PRC.

3. Click “create account”

4. Fill in the information required, marked with a “*” red asterisk.

PARCC member Code: MD1788

5. Click create a new account.

December 1-December 24, 2015: I-Ready Testing Window

December 14 or 15, 2015: WJ-IV Training @ PDC (8:30-4:30)-register thru PGS

December 16, 2015: Monthly IEP Chair Meeting @ PDC (8:30-3:30)

December 24, 2015-January 1, 2016: Winter Break!!!

Community Learning Network #7-Special Education

Mueni Muthui, Special Education Liaison (SEL), Instructional Leadership,

Lara Huffman, Education Specialist, Specialized Services,