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Paul Sarosy

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Born as Brynhild Paulsdatter Storseth in Selbu, Norway. She was the youngest of eight. At the age of 17 she was pregnant,beaten by baby's father and miscarries. This causes a change in personality. Baby's father dies a month later. This was believe that it could have been her first murder.


Belle never went to school.

Work history

Belle worked as a farm girl and owned a confectionery store. She worked on her farm and collected insurance.

Criminal History

Before she started murdering people she set things on fire

Social life

She didnt have a very good social life. She was married to a man named Mads Ditlev Anton Sorenson from Chicago. The couple opened up a confectionery store which mysteriously burned down. They collected insurance money which paid for a new house. The had four kids together

First murder

Sorenson died on July 30 1900, reportedly on the only day two life insurance policies overlapped. She applied for the insurance money the day after her husbands funeral.


Belle vanished before she was captured for the murders. On April 28, 1908 the bodies of her children were found in her old homes wreckage. They also found a headless adult female corpse who was never identified. She was never tracked down and her death was never confirmed.
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Nikolai Dzhumagaliev ( Metal Fang)

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Known as Metal Fang because he had false teeth made from white metal..He was A cannibal, he would often kill his women victims with an axe, carve the meat and serve it to his friends at dinners.


He was born in 1952. He had loving parents and 4 sisters one went missing as a teenager. While he was younger he lost most of his teeth and had to have metal dentures put in that resembled fangs.

Insanity begining

He was sent to a mental institution when he got drunk with a co worker and killed him. He was released a year later and began his killing spree

One night He had 3 friends over and he got into an argument with one of them. He cut him open in the next room but not killing him.

His first kill was Hope E. , he slit her throat, drank her blood, and chopped her body into pieces. He later told the police he fed off of her body for a month.

The police also found barrells of human flesh found in his basement.

Weapons of choice

Butcher knife and an axe

His goal

Nikolai made it his mission to rid the world of prostitutes and killed seven women before he was caught.
He would lure women into the dark end of a local park, where he would rape them and hack them to death with an axe.
He cooked certain parts of his victims, eating some and even serving the rest to friends of his at diners. He made a habit of preparing ethnic dishes out of his victims and serving them to his friends. His crimes were discovered when two drunks, whom he invited over to his house, discovered a woman's severed head in the kitchen.
He was found not responsible for his murders due to insanity, and he was taken to a Tashkent mental institution.

His escape

He escaped in 1989 while being transported to another facility. He was re-captured in 1991 in Fergana. He is now jailed in the asylum.

He is now free
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