what is this,freedom of speech?

...literature is to free man,not to censor him-A.nin

Self Expression?

Freedom of expression is something that many don't know the real meaning to. We have been told that these rights are given to us for the simple fact that we are human. Even thought there are restrictions and rules, it is not all the same. Till today there are people who aren't able to access information from the outside world ,people who are not respected for speaking out and beaten as a consequence for doing so.

North Korea is an example of violating the rights of the people. The people there are separated from ¨the outside world¨. Presented their whole lives with propaganda and social media that idolizes the former leader, Kim Jong-un ,with images that portrait him as a god with shining light behind him, being friendly and happy around several children. some sort of savoir. But why don't the people put there freedom of speech in use?

All thought many have tried to and have failed, by trying to speak out on the leader and his actions. They have learned that by doing so they can be brutally punished. People are torture for the simple fact that they might be caught watching anything that doesn't include there propaganda, like the story of Iranian among overs. She was sentenced for twelve years accused of disturbing the system. This is all because she had make political cartoons that make out the political leaders as animals.

Liberty in north Korea

liberty in north Korea is a elaborate organization that helps the people in north Korea escape their daily, ordered lives.they help them find a different style of life were they can be free to build their own opinion and do as they please.

the way it works?

this organization is helped by many people both big and small, by there donations in money and time. they slowly collect money and inspirational messages so help the people in north Korea not to feel alone.

Organization Info

This is the information for the organization that helps victims in the camps escape the camps.If you wish to help out give them a check.

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