The Virginia Colony

By Jaidah Meyer


Have you ever wondered what Virginia was like when it started? What it was like to be the first to live in Virginia? Who was famous in Virginia or what wars happened? Well in this essay you will find out because this essay is all about the beginning of Virginia!!!!!

The start of the Virginia Colony

In 1606, a group of wealthy businessmen begged King James I for a charter to explore the new world. In 1607, these men traveled by ship from England and landed in the Chesapeake Bay. Half of the people on board were wealthy men who were a part of the Virginia Company. The Virginia Company was a joint stock which means they invested in Virginia's success or failure. When the settlers did not find gold the Virginia Company stopped sending supplies and the settlers ran out of food. The settlers thought it would be easy to get food from the Native Americans. Powhatan,the chief, did not like their "wants" but he still fed them because they had guns and powder that Powhatan wanted. Powhatan's daughter, Pocahontas, was one of the famous people in Virginia.

Famous people in Virginia

There were a lot of famous people in Virginia Pocahontas, John Smith, William Berkly, and Nathanial Bacon are all famous for their part in history. One of the famous people in Virginia was Pocahontas, her real name is Matoka and it means playful one. She was part of the peace treaty in the first Anglo Powhatan War that was caused by the shortage of food when the settlers kept taking the Powhatan tribes' food. Another famous person was John Smith. He is famous for finding Virginia and being the leader of Jamestown. He is also famous for being captured by Indians. Pocahontas has been thought to have been married to John Smith but this rumor is not true. She married John Rolfe. William Berkly was famous for being the governor of Virginia and being one of the main causes of Bacon's Rebellion. Another main cause of Bacon's Rebellion was Nathaniel Bacon he was a Virginia planter and was the leader against William Berkley in Bacon's Rebellion.

Wars in Virginia

There were many wars held in Virginia but i am only talking about two: the Anglo Powhatan Wars and Bacon's Rebellion. Bacon's Rebellion lasted from 1666-1667. It was
an armed rebellion against Governor William Berkly. This war was because of Williams refusal to attack Indians. This was the first rebellion in American colonies. The Anglo Powhatan Wars were three wars fought between English settlers and Indians of Powhatan tribes in the early 17th Century. The first war lasted from 1610-1614 and ended with the marriage Pocahontas and John Rolfe. The second war lasted from 1622-1626 and was about the English settlers not wanting indians to use guns anymore. The third war lasted from 1644-1646 and was about new settlers trying to take over Powhatan's fields. These are the most famous wars in Virginia history.


In conclusion, Virginia is known for a lot of things like their hard, rocky start, their famous people, and the wars that happened in the early years of Virginia. These are things that make Virginia unique and what it is today.


* Anglo Powhatan Wars- Three wars fought between the English Settlers and Indians of Powhatan country.

* Bacon's Reballian- was an armed rebellion in 1676 by Virginia settlers led by Nathaniel Bacon against the rule of Governor William Berkeley

* Charter- A document issued by a government that gives the rights to a person or a group.


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