Hunting guide

Job career

Branch of science

life, because it deals with outdoors and animals.

what a hunting guide does

A hunting guide takes customers/ people out in the wilderness or game farm to help them hunt/find game to hunt. They cook food for the customer or a cook will depending on the business.

some pictures of hunting guides

-Experience/Skills needed: You need to know ranges, to keep calm under pressure,to know the wilderness, to know how to shoot guns, to know the animals, how to use a gun safely, how to run a business,people skills, and how to keep warm and maintain a hunting camp.

Why I chose this career

I like being in the woods, hunting, and helping people out.

something Interesting about hunting guides

The more experience the more money earned. That is because so they know you made a commitment. Hunting guides get very few days off and and day is full night to morning until you get back.


A hunting guide needs a hunter safety and special schooling for a guide.