Characteristics of Animals

The Main Six

Main Six Characteristics

Animals are well distinguished, and they have six main characteristics that prove that. Although some other things, such as humans, share some of these characteristics, these make animals special.

1. Animals are mulitcellular. This means they are made up of several or more cells.

2. Animals are heterotrphic. This means they are capable of utilizing only materials as a source of food. And example is a food chain, where a rabbit eats a plant, a fox eats the rabbit, a bear eats the fox, and so on and such.

3. Animals typically reproduce sexually. This means that animals, in order to grow in number and reproduce, typically have sexual intercourse in order for that to happen.

4. Animals are made up of cells which do not have cell walls. This means that the cells inside the animals do not have cell walls, or boundaries, like a plant cells does.

5. Animals are capable of motion (moving) at some point during their lives. This means that animals either eventually move or move and end up slowing down, or sometimes both.

6. Animals are able to respond quickly as a result of nerve cells, muscle or contractile tissue, or both. This means that animals can quickly respond to certain things due to those certain things.