Civil War

Aly Handy

Emancipation Proclamation

This proclamation declared that all people who were held as slaves in the rebellious states are now "henceforward shall be free." President Abraham Lincoln issued the emancipation into effect on January 1, 1863. This was as America was entering it's third year into the Civil War. The emancipation proclamation however did not end slavery.

Dred Scott Case

Dred Scott was a slave, his owner took Scott to Illinois with him to live (as a free slave). $ years later Scott and his master moved back to Missouri, Scott's owner then died. Scott sued for his freedom. Scott argued he should be free on the grounds that he became free when entering a free state. Missouri court ruled against Scott; the case then went to the Supreme court. On March 6, 1857- Chief Justice Roger Taney upheld the ruling against Scott, saying that Scott had no right to sue because he was considered property.

Appomattox Court House

This is where Confederate army commander Robert E. Lee surrendered to Union commander Ulysses S. Grant in the American Civil War. The Battle of Appomattox Court House, fought on April 9, 1865, one of the last battles of the American Civil War. The New Appomattox Court House, (where the locals filed lawsuits and did legal business) in Appomattox County, Virginia. The Old Appomattox Court House, was a place in the Appomattox Court House National Historical Park.

Kansas Nebraska Act

This was also known as "popular sovereignty," this allowed previous land owners to decide for their state whether or not slavery should be legal. Stephen Douglas proposed this to get more southern votes. the act was passed by congress, by this time south had already surrendered to the north in the civil war.
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