Computer 7


Brochures on pages are easy and simple. First, you have to number your brochure in the correct order. (2,6,1,3,4,5) When you write out your information of your brochure, you don't want to type in a long paragraph. You want short, but informational sentences that have bullets. You will have to make some brochures when you are in computer. One on your organism, (for science) one on a certain country, searching Google effectively, etc.

Other things on pages...

  • letters
  • envelopes
  • newsletters
  • flyers
  • posters
  • cards & invitations
  • business cards
  • certificates
  • and more!

Have fun with Pages!


With formatting, it deals with opacity, graphics, rotations, and inspector. Opacity is the degree where light is not allowed to travel through. So, with a click of a button, you can change the lighting on whatever graphic, color, or text you want. A graphic is a picture. You can add whatever photo on your brochure or poster, as long as you have a work cited for that picture. Rotations are when you click and hold a button on a picture or text, etc., and it turns it around clockwise or counterclockwise however you want it; it's your finger that controls it! Last is inspector. With inspector you can format anything using inspector window, including text appearance, size, positioning of graphics, and more.