Maui Hawai'i

By: Kevin Burks

Interesting Facts About Hawai'i

Their State tree is the Kukui

Their State bird is the Nene, a Hawai'ian goose

The Total population of the Hawai'ian Islands is 1,360,301

Formation and Culture Of Maui, HI.

The Island of Maui was formed by the eruption of the volcano Haleakala

The culture of Hawai'i is very diverse there are many languages spoken and their music is a mixture of all kinds, The main languages are English and Hawai'ian. Their favored instrument is the ukulele and their agriculture consists of many can sugar farms and pineapple plantations.

Some Of Our Beautiful Scenery

Gauranteed To Be Relaxing And Exciting!

Round Trip Cost?

A 5 day round trip costs around $1001.49 not including hotel costs.

Most Recommended Hotel

The most famous hotel for honeymooners is the Fairmont Kea, Lani Maui.