Architectural/ Engineering Managers

Creating Your Own Reality!

Career Description

Have you ever wanted to be leader of a large project? Ever wanted to show how smart and ingenious you are with buildings? If so, a career as an Architect and Engineer Manger is the job for you. Not only is this a large, well earned income, this career allows you entertain your imagination while challenging the boundaries of what you know.

“Know it. Own it. Act on it. Become it. There are never any limitations unless you create the boundaries.”

~ Danielle Maylyn


~You’re able to design a house that describes you while meeting the customers’ demands.

~Most are well paid!

Informational Hours

These are the hours of which you may contact me and ask me any questions you may have.

Monday, 7:45-2:45

Tuesday, 7:45-2:45

Wednesday, 7:45-2:15

Thursday, 7:45-2:45

Friday, 7:45-2:45

Saturday, Now your just trying to bug me.

Sunday, Sleeping in.