Battle of Midway

By: Hannah Isley 1St

Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto

Yamamoto was born April 4, 1884, and died on April 18, 1943. He was the commander-in-chief during the battle of Midway for the Japanese. Aside from that his rank was Marshal Admiral. Yamamoto also won many awards such as knights cross of the iron cross, order of the golden knite.

Admiral Chester William Nimitz

Nimitz was the leading us navy authority on submarines, and the Commander-in-chief on the us pacific fleet. He was born on February 24, 1885, and died on February 20, 1966. He worked for the Navy branch of the military from 1905- 1966. His rank was Fleet Admiral. Nimitz won many awards in his life time such as: Navy distinguished service; army distinguished service; knight grand cross of the order of the bath; and legion on honor.

Attack of midway

The attack on Midway island was organized by Isoroku Yamamoto, he wanted to destroy the american fleet and use midway island as a base for an attack on Hawaii. On June 11, 1942 aircraft from the uss enterprise, uss hornet, and the uss Yorktown attacked and sunk yamamotos carriers which caused him to have to flee the attack. At 4:30 on June 4, 1942 Commanding officer launched an attack on midway island of 1085 planes, 7 scout planes, to attack midway and locate the us fleet.

Goals of the battle

Battle of midway was the turning point in the war. Both the us and the Japanese goal in the war was to get the opposing team to flee and surrender from the battle of midway.