The Flamingo

The Big and Beautiful Bird

The Basics

Flamingos, also known as Phoenicopterus Andinus, like to live near lagoons or lakes that have little to no vegetation. Many of this type of species live in the Andes in South America because they enjoy being in higher elevation. There diet consists of Insects, algae, shrimp and insects which they get by filtering the water with their large and oddly shaped beak. Because of their ability to eat both meat in animals and plants, that makes them omnivores. They are also related to another duck- like animal, the grebes.

Clasification Order

  • Kingdom: Animalia
  • Phylum: Cordata
  • Class: Aves
  • Order: Phoenicopteriformes
  • Family: Phoenicopteridae
  • Genus: Phoenicopterus
  • Species: Andinus

Sizes and Measurements

Height: 39in - 59in

Wing Span: 59in - 71in

Weight: 4.4lbs - 8.8lbs

The Social Network

Flamingos are one of the most inclusive birds. they can often be seen in large flocks of over two hundred birds.They seem to do many activities together such as Flying and mating.A flamingo is a monogamous creature who will only nest once a year and will help to raise its child until sexual maturity. A flamingo will often produce one to two eggs to raise at a time.
Q: These creatures are more adorable than a kitten and a puppy sharing the same christmas sock. Who would want to harm them?

A: Well, Crocodiles like to eat them and humans like to hunt them down. Also, Eagles ,ironically, sometimes like to eat their eggs.

Q: Oh my goodness! That is terrible are they endangered? Is there anything we can do?Why are we just standing around?

A: Even though hunting these majestic birds is pretty bad, no real harm is happening to the species as a whole. The flamingos are still alive, kicking, and ready for action.

The Magic of Mating

The Magical Courtship Dance of the Flamingo.

Contact the scientist

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Smart Moves

The Flamingo will move up to speeds of 31 mph. They also use their long legs to climb up mountains as well. Flamingos will sometimes be asleep while on one leg which is hard because their leg will remain "awake" ,but the rest of their body will remain asleep. Finally, their feet help them to cling to bottom of the lake so they are not pushed.