Sports In Chile/Famous Athletes

by Katie Dicicco

Early Sports

The earliest known sport in Chile that we know of is Palin, a traditional Mapuche game. It is similar to hockey and was later named chueca by the Spanish. It is still played today, and, in 2004, was declared a national sport by the Chilean government.
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Chile In The Olympic Games

The 1st Olympic Games were held in Athens in 1896. Chile was the only Latin American nation to compete. The athlete's name was Luis Subercaseaux. He competed in the 100, 400 and 800-meter races.

Futbol (Soccer)

Chile’s football tradition began when a group of British immigrants founded the Everton football club, named after the English team, in 1909. The passion for football grew and when Chile hosted the World Cup in 1962, it became the most popular sport in the country.


Rodeo is one of Chile's national sports. It began during the Spanish colonial era and is now the main recreational sport in rural areas. To play, you go in a circular courtyard and two cowboys attempt to stop a young steer at a run.