Fifth Grade News


Excellence Maintained

This week, Pennington celebrated its 11th year as a School of Excellence. Mrs. Stockton and Mr. Dalton took the stage with Dr. Waltz, the Superintendent of Schools, Mr. Bixby, the Associate Superintendent of Middle Schools, and Mr. Trenum, a School Board member of the Gainesville district. We sat together, heads held high, as Dr. Waltz presented us with a lavender banner to be framed and mounted upon the wall of our cafeteria. It is quite a privilege to be part of a school that not only achieves excellence but maintains it. What a reflection of our staff, students, parents, and community!

Mr. Chancler was impressed to see such display of detail, technology, and creativity throughout the Social Studies project. The fifth graders truly demonstrated their knowledge and professionalism as they ushered in their models, rehearsed their scripts, and reviewed their power points for Wednesday's presentations.

Yesterday, 5th Grade had 27 students and 12 parents join Mrs. Weimer at Marstellar Middle School to participate in the Girls' Math and Science Conference. It was quite a representation for Pennington and our 5th Grade team. Thank you to all those who devoted their Saturday to the event.

This year's musical will take place on Thursday, the 14th. Information on the schedule, costumes, and props can be found below. We want to wish Barry, Mikayla, Jessica, and Lauren good luck at next week's Regional Science Fair, located at the Kelly Leadership Center. The project setup is from 4:30-7:00 on April 8; the Fair begins on Friday, the 9th, at 8:00am.

Please take the time to relax this afternoon before we begin another busy week. Thank you for all the continuous effort made to help our school uphold its tradition of excellence.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

04/06 STEAM Night 6:30-8:00

04/09 Regional Science Fair 8:00am

04/11 PTO Board Meeting

04/13 Musical Dress Rehearsal

04/14 5th Grade Musical

04/15 End of 3rd Grading Period

04/18 No School for Students--Teacher Work Day

Schedule, Props, and Costumes for Musical

5th grade Musical “Summer Camp”

Parent Update April 1, 2016

The musical is less than 2 weeks away!!!! April 14th is our performance date.

Schedule for dress rehearsals:

Tuesday, April 12 – be sure all costume pieces and props are at school in your student’s homeroom.

Wednesday, April 13 – Dress rehearsal with props at 2:05pm. Please do not take students for early dismissal today.

Thursday, April 14 – Dress rehearsal with guest audience at 2:05pm. Please do not take students for early dismissal today. Evening performance: report time is 6:30pm. The performance will begin promptly at 7:00pm.


We need approximately 15 sleeping bags, 8 suitcases (with clothing, sunscreen, bandaid box, fake bags of candy, sunglasses to ‘pack’ during our song), 8 brooms, 4 mops, 4 buckets, 2 large scrub brushes, tennis rackets, canoe oars, jump ropes, volleyball, football, soccer ball, field hockey stick, baseball glove

Stage set:

We will meet on Thursday, April 7 right after school in the music room, #127, to brainstorm and begin construction. ALL ADULT/PARENT HELP IS WELCOME!!! Please email Mrs. Stewart at to let her know to expect you.

We need help making the stage look like the entrance to ‘Camp Pennington.’

We will need something to look like a campfire.

We will need decorations for a table for the bug parade (think Thanksgiving Day Parade TV coverage shows)


ALL 5th grade students will wear shorts (or shorts/skort with leggings, no jeans), socks and sneakers. Mrs. Weimer is organizing the uniform T-Shirt for the event. All other items are to be worn over the standard costume.

Additional Costume pieces needed:

Camp Director: Add a Pennington Hat with “Director” written across the top. Add a whistle on a lanyard around her neck.

Counselors: Add a Pennington Hat

Lady Bug team: Add a red dress/overlay with black spots (like a lady bug) and long white or black gloves if you have them

Army Ants: Add camo hats, jackets and/or pants to wear over the camper outfit for that part of the show.