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Digital Newsletter - January 2020

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Angel Tree Initiative

The Angel Tree Initiative was very successful again this year! The total raised was $13,595.00

Forty-three families benefited by the donations raised to make the holidays brighter.

The Angel Tree Initiative is the District’s initiative to make some of our student’s holiday season a bit brighter by providing those financially struggling families with assistance so they may purchase their families presents, clothes or food for the holiday and winter season.

Thank you to everyone who donated to make this a joyous season for Oley Valley families.

Elementary School News

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Oley Valley Elementary Holiday Orchestra Concert - They were great!

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Oley Valley Elementary Orchestra Selfie - They are the best!

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Oley Valley Elementary String Ensemble performing at Keystone Villa - Enjoyed by all!

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Oley Valley Elementary School String Ensemble performing at Holiday Concert - Very talented!

"Both ensembles performed a variety of challenging music in celebration of the holiday season." Mrs. Powlus

Middle School News

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Oley Valley Middle School Sixth Grade Band performing in the holiday concert.

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Oley Valley Middle School Seventh and Eighth Grade Band performing in the holiday concert.

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Oley Valley Middle School Orchestra performing at the holiday concert - We have very talented students in the Valley!

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Oley Valley Middle School Band and Orchestra showcasing Holli Bower.

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Oley Valley Middle School Ensemble performing the annual holiday concert at Glick's Nursery

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Annual Veterans Day Celebration at Oley Valley Middle School

On Monday, November 11th, the students, faculty, and staff at OVMS enthusiastically welcomed 51 distinguished veterans to our school for a morning of patriotic celebration! The day began with a continental breakfast in the cafeteria and continued in the auditorium with a student-led assembly that included special musical performances from the middle school orchestra, 6th grade band, and Select Chorus. Eighth grade Student Council members participated in the assembly by distributing flowers to each veteran as they were personally recognized by branch and rank.

We were honored to include several distinguished veterans from the American Legion Oley Post, including Sgt. Carl Brown (United States Army) and Sgt. James Erwin (United States Air Force), who presented the names of the top ten sixth grade essay contest finalists. The finalists were invited to the stage to receive a certificate for their hard work, and the top three finalists received prize money and the opportunity to share their essays with the school. This year’s essay topic was Does the United States Military Receive the Respect it Deserves? The top three student winners were Olivia Denton (1st place), Jordyn Nase (2nd place), and Aidan Richard (3rd place).

Eighth grader, Morgan Snyder, invited her grandfather, Seaman E-3 Stuart M. Snyder (United States Navy) to attend the Veterans Day breakfast and assembly. “My grandfather really appreciated being a part of the celebration. I am proud that he served our country.”

Eighth grader, Vinny Dick, also participated in the Veterans Day program by welcoming his father, Petty Officer 3rd Class Vinny Dick, Jr. (United States Navy) to our school. “My dad enjoys coming to these events at the school and is glad we do them. He looks forward to it each year, and I am proud of him.”

Dr. Scott Rohrer, OVMS Principal, received special recognition for his service to our country as a Sergeant in the United States Army. Thank you for your service, Dr. Rohrer, and THANK YOU to the many brave men and women who have served the United States!

High School News

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FBLA Wins! Congratulations! Great job!

Future Business Leadership State Conference

Hershey Convention Center

April 6, 7 & 8, 2019

First Place

Health Care Administration – Grace Baum

Emerging Business Issues (team) – Camille Bertin, Cassidy Corbin, Emma Gehris

Introduction to Business Presentation – Alayna Bialek

Public Speaking – Lucas Myford

Management Information Systems (team) – Edward Tran, Lukas Ursoi

Journalism – Zain Wegman

Second Place

Business Law – Justin Rittwage

Third Place

Impromptu Speaking – Dante Caloiero

Business Ethics – Caleb Fisher

Global Business – Kaylee Kanter, Alexis Ott

Emerging Business Issues (team) – Journey Moore, Jessie Wetherhold

Fourth Place

Management Decision Making (team) – Sierra Krick, Cameron Rittwage, Lolah Walker

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Newest members of National Honor Society. Congratulations!

Caroline Hannum, (Class of 2016) Award winning author at American University for "Best in Show Prose."

"As her father and ex-board member, I truly wanted to say thanks for providing the educational foundation that leads to this type of work. It also does not hurt that she is writing about the Valley".

Christopher M. Hannum

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The Village by Caroline Hannum




a group of houses and associated buildings, larger than a hamlet and smaller than a town, situated in a rural area.

There will be a field passing on your right. Another on your left. Look closely, past the silos. Fisher’s stand, working out of the red barn with the stone house right off the highway, has its produce out. A collection of sweet corn, cantaloupes, home-made pies and a mountain of purpled blueberries that will remind you of the empty bowl at home resting on the kitchen table. Keep driving. If the windows are cracked open it should be alright, it’s not planting season so the air won’t be rank with manure and your eyes won’t water. There are mountains, hills really, but mountains seemed so much grander when you realized you could first describe this place that you came from. So geographically correct or not, there are mountains beyond the fields. If you want, you can let your hand rest out the window. You'll drive past the Yerger’s house, see the dairy cows in the other field approaching.

One year, the year you did a soccer camp and Mom would drive back and forth quite literally over hill and under dale through the twists of the valley, you both noticed this one cow that just lay there. One day passed and it was still stuck there. Another day passed, and it was in the same reclined position, its stomach puzzlingly distended. Finally, the cow was gone. Mom’s eyes searched your face to see if the lines in your brain had made the connection and you just laughed, because well, that cow had been dead for at least three days and you both had stupidly thought it was sleeping. The car will pass this sign in a moment, on the side of the highway, carved and decorated with a time-stamp and wheat stalks fixed into the wood. Your eyes will narrow in until finally you can read “Welcome to the village of. ...”

See, growing up in a place, you know what it’s called but you never understand how, or why, or the implication. For however many years, “village” never rolled off the tongue. You would vocalize the “Oh I'm from-insert hometown here-," and then there would be this little voice in the back of your head going, “The village of. The Village of blank.” You never put the two together and here you are years later after being gone. Coming and going, the seven letters combined are really sticking, protruding outwards for some reason. Is that what happens when you leave? I mean really leave, not just the first year you’re gone, or the second one when you come back and realize your room is a little different and the faces not so familiar but the last names ring a bell. Or worse, there’s the third year where you find yourself seeing these faces, recognizing all of the names, but there’s this little piece missing. This segment, the one where the wires are meant to be straight and uncrossed and a bell or the proverbial light is meant to react to the names and faces. That is what stays dormant or more likely dead. Nothing. Nada. You’ve checked out, really left at this point. However, there’s the village. The unspoken, always there, signifier of how to succinctly sum up this place. So you, for the first time in your well educated life, look up this word. Webster’s defines this term as follows:

“a group of houses and associated buildings, larger than a hamlet and smaller than a town, situated in a rural area.”

Your brain immediately breaks this down. “Associated buildings” are red brick houses, slate roofs, the fairgrounds directly behind your house or the old inn at the center of Main Street. The youth building that could double as a taxidermy museum. Why do stuffed raccoons make your heart ache?

You can’t imagine that this little crook, filled with tractor paths, a high school let out for the first day of hunting season, the church with the hoagie sale and the walls that let your parents say “I love you” in front of stained glass, could be bigger than something. Probably those that live in a hamlet can’t imagine that their own corner of existence is larger than some spots in this world.

Valleys are situated. Hills meshed together, creating this bowl of contained, isolated existence that requires the force of upward motion if one wants to leave. This place is rested, fixed in an area where your high school teacher graduated with your father, whose daughter you have been in classes with since kindergarten. People who perk up at your last name as they rattle off a list of aunts and uncles to see who you belong to and please god let it be the one who didn’t let the pig loose in the school courtyard. A rural area, where the fair means one day off of school. Where Future Farmers of America is a sense of pride for those involved and that still makes you twinge because people don’t understand how hard these people work and how fiercely they love this valley. More than anything it is that drive. The one where you see the fields. The cows with nothing but the mountains, yes mountains, behind them. Fisher’s stand with colors that no museum could hope to hold. And this light. This gold light that makes you feel safe and rooted to what is around you. It is your hand out the window, seeing the sign with the wheat stalks and the dates. The sign with “village”.

WOW! Go! Go! Go! Oley Valley Athletes!

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Athletic Update

For Athletic Schedules & Information visit www.ovlynx.org

*Please note that you can sign up on the athletic website for schedule change notifications which will send you an email or text message to alert you as soon as games are postponed.

For directions on where Berks County High Schools and Middle Schools play their home contests please visit www.bciaa.org. Please note that clicking on an opponent on www.ovlynx.org will only give you directions to the opposing school’s High School, which is not necessarily where they play their contests.

Follow the Athletic Department on Twitter @OVLynx for varsity scores and live playoff updates each season.

Lynx Athletics on the NFHS Network:

We are now able to live broadcast all games on the Turf Field as well as all home events in the High School Gym. You can find the schedule of home events on the NFHS Network by visiting their website at www.nfhsnetwork.com or downloading the NFHS Network App. Search for Oley Valley and you will see all of our home events held at those two venues. You can subscribe to the NFHS Network by paying a low monthly fee, or you can purchase a yearly subscription. All memberships will give you access to thousands of High School athletic events across the United States. We hope that more Berks County schools will sign up to become part of the NFHS Network in the near future.

Current Spring Coaching Vacancies:

HS Assistant Softball

HS Assistant Track & Field – Throws

HS Assistant Track & Field - Jumps

MS Assistant Baseball

High School Spring Sports start on Monday, March 2nd.

Middle School Spring Sports start on Monday, March 9th.

*Students should look for Spring Sport Signups during lunch periods at the end of January.

Fall Season Review:


3rd in Division 2

Gunnar Wegscheider qualified for the District 3 Tournament

Nick Thompson and Gunnar Wegscheider were BCIAA All-Division 2 All-Stars

Jonas Hoch and Garet Blankenbiller were BCIAA Division 2 Honorable Mention All-Stars

Boys Cross Country

2nd in Division 2

Wes Martin, Parker Sarge and Mason Shirey were BCIAA All-Division 2 All-Stars

Girls Cross Country

Division 2 Champions

Ava Lottig finished in 12th place at the District 3 Championship and in 87th place at the PIAA Championship Race.

Ava Lottig, Danielle Trimbur and Candace Gallardo were BCIAA All-Division 2 All-Stars

Field Hockey

Division 3 Champions

BCIAA Champions

District 3 Runner-up

PIAA Runner-Up

Team was recognized by the PHSFHCA as an Academic All-State Team for their overall team GPA.

The PHSFHCA also recognized the following Juniors and Seniors on the All-State Academic Team: Sarah Beers, Paige Graber, Sophia Mackrella, Jordan Wilkinson, Bailee Christman and Samantha Vaccaro.

Sophia Gladieux became the 5th player in NFHS history to score 200 career goals, and with 204 career goals, finished 4th all-time on the National Federation career goals list. In addition, Sophia was named BCIAA Player of the Year, 1st Team All-State, 1st Team All-Region and 1st Team All-American, all for the 3rd consecutive year.

Sarah Beers was named BCIAA All-Conference, 1st Team All-State, 1st Team All-Region and 3rd Team All-American.

Sophia Mackrella was named BCIAA All-Conference and 1st Team All-State.

Paige Graber was named BCIAA All-Conference and All-State Honorable Mention.

Samantha Vaccaro was named BCIAA All-Conference and All-State Honorable Mention.

Bailee Christman, Cassidy Drobek, Alexandra Lopez, Kayla Maciejewski, Jordan Wilkinson and Tetje Williamson were named BCIAA All-Division 3 All-Stars.

Boys Soccer

Division 3 Champions

BCIAA Champions

District 3 Semi-Finalist

Broke the school record with 17 shutouts this season, including 12 consecutive shutouts.

Michael Peirce was named All-State.

Matt Knowles, Alex LaVerdure, Michael Peirce and Evan Solley were named BCIAA All-Conference All-Stars.

Dakoda Gundy and Daniel Turchi were named BCIAA All-Division 3 All-Stars

Caleb Fatkin and Eddie Standhardt were named BCIAA Division 3 Honorable Mention All-Stars

Coach Shawn Meals was named the BCIAA Coach of the Year.

Girls Soccer

Elaine Mortimer was named BCIAA All-Division 3 All-Star

Meredith Groves and Madison Reinert were named BCIAA Division 3 Honorable Mention All-Stars

Football @ Fleetwood

Broke the Fleetwood school record with 8 wins, and qualified for the District 3 Playoffs for the first time in program history.

Division 2 1st Team Offense – Charlie Maddocks, QB and Tanner Maddocks, WR

Division 2 1st Team Defense – Ben Leister, LB

Division 2 2nd Team Offense – Ben Leister, RB

Division 2 2nd Team Defense – Matt Balash, LB and Tanner Maddocks, DB

Girls Volleyball @ Muhlenberg

Qualified for the BCIAA and District 3 Playoffs

Cheerleading (Fall & Winter)

2nd Place at the BCIAA Championship – Small/Medium Squad Division

2nd Place at the District 3 Championship – Medium Squad Division

Will compete at the PIAA State Championship on January 10th and 11th

FFA News

Oley Valley High School FFA at the Oley Valley Community Fair - Keep up the good work!

FFA Members Busy at the Fair

September 19, 2019, marked the 73rd annual Oley Valley Community Fair! This year’s fair was filled with activities for people of all ages! Thanks to all of the help from our FFA members, we’re able to have another successful “Farmer for a Day” tent at the fair. In the tent, people gain hands-on experience with agriculture in several different ways. Typically the tent contains two types of animals this year being a miniature donkey and ducklings. The ducklings are placed into an incubator where they hatch and then moved to a pen once they are stable enough. Once in the pen, FFA members are allowed to hold them and allow visitors to pet them. Along with the ducklings, we had a miniature donkey, Cody, who belongs to Oley Valley graduate, Lexie Schrier. The tent also includes several agriculture-based games for children. The grocer game consists of several food items that need to be categorized into what they come from. The farmer for a day station involves gathering eggs, picking apples, and digging for potatoes, and the wheel allows kids to understand what animal their food comes from. The last activity in the tent allows kids to learn how to milk a cow and understand the different breeds of cows and their purposes. Although the tent is a big hit, it’s not the only thing keeping our FFA members busy at the fair. Several members also got involved in some healthy competition! Marshall Kerper, Wyatt Kerper, Rebecca Kugler, Grace Prout, and Haley Weidman competed against each other in the sheep show at the fair! Sarah Berger, Autumn Gammler, Morgan Hillegas, Ethan Sterner, and Colby Templin showed their cows and Matthew Walters showed for goats. Several students taking the animal science course participated in the Dairy Management Contest for a chance to win a cash prize! Other members participated in the tractor pull and other fun events and competitions. Make sure to come out next year for the 74th annual Oley Valley Community Fair and stop in the tent to visit our FFA Members!

Big picture

FFA Members and Mr. Christman arriving a the Nationals

Oley Valley FFA Takes on Nationals!

Previously, in June, several of our FFA members attended the 90th annual Pennsylvania State Convention. There, two of our teams placed first, qualifying for Nationals! The first team was Meats, consisting of Oliver Prout, Ethan Sterner, Josh Triechler, and Alysha Ulrich. In the Meat Evaluation and Technology CDE, participants are challenged to identify and evaluate cuts of meat and carcasses as well as practice critical-thinking strategies. Our second team to qualify was Food Science which included Andrew Kline, Anthony Neal, Erin Readinger, and Haley Weidman. In the Food Science and Technology CDE, participant's knowledge of food science and application of knowledge is tested. These skills are tested in a 50 question written tests, solving scenarios regarding safety, sanitization, and product development. Participants also have practicums involving sensory evaluation, product specification, and math. The past few months our members have been busy studying and headed out to the convention on Tuesday, October 29th to compete. Both teams did very well, with Meats earning a bronze medal and Food Science earning a gold medal and sixth place. The Food Science team also won a trip sponsored by the U.S. Egg and Poultry Association to Atlanta, Georgia in January to attend the International Production and Processing Expo. Although the majority of their time was spent studying and competing, the members were able to go to other events in their spare time. Some of this time was spent at the National FFA Career Show which allowed the members to visit several different ag colleges and businesses. Along with that, they were able to go to a rodeo and Brett Young Concert! We are very proud of our members and their accomplishments. Congratulations!

Oley Valley Elementary School

Elementary FYI

December 2019

Matthew Broskey

Elementary Principal

The Oley Valley Elementary School raised $554.00 for the Berks County Food Bank for the annual Buy a Pilgrim campaign.

The elementary student council collected $775.00 during the annual coin wars at the elementary school. All money raised supported the district Angel Tree program. Fourth grade collected the most money and will receive a grade level incentive from the PTO.

The 5th grade chorus concert and the band and orchestra concerts were a huge success! All students did an amazing job! Thank you to Mrs. Rothenberger, Mrs. Vinanskie, and Ms. Manning for their efforts in preparing the students for the concerts.

Fifth grade science is continuing to monitor the growth of our resident trout family. Since the eggs hatching, there are approximately 60 miniature trout swimming happily and thriving in their chilly water. The trout will be released into a nearby stream in the spring.

The elementary school will be participating in One School, One Book in February with the school community reading the book, Wishtree. One School, One Book is a program designed to create a shared reading experience across an entire school community. We are excited to share the message of the Wishtree with everyone!

Elementary math teachers reviewed Dreambox, an adaptative, online K-8 math program designed to complement classroom instruction. The program would be used by all students and serve as part of MTSS math remediation and enrichment.

Oley Valley Middle School

Board Update

December 2019

Scott Rohrer

Middle School Principal

Our MTSS program teachers utilized a new Academic Achievement Battery as an assessment screener to pinpoint individualized student academic needs. This data will better inform staff in order to develop appropriate teaching strategies for each student.

The annual Veterans Day assembly was held on November 11th. The local American Legion Post sponsored an essay contest. One hundred twenty-nine essays were submitted for review. Ten students were selected as finalists for the Veterans Day Essay contest.

Essay finalists were:

1. Olivia Denton (1st)

2. Cleiry Fuentes

3. Lilyana Hare

4. Megan Kelly

5. Jordyn Nase(2nd)

6. Aidan Richard (3rd)

7. Damian Robinson

8. Julian Rodriguez

9. Karlie Simchick

10. Aiden Weiser

Students of the month for November were: 6th grade: Tanner Zornek & Miley Baus. 7th grade: Samantha Wagner & Brady Kemp. 8th grade: Molly Shueman & Vinny Dick.

Our Laurel Life program had students mentor some elementary students and hosted a Thanksgiving feast before break. They also decorated the Christmas tree located in our office. Mrs. Reichert’s life skills class decorated the Christmas tree in the lobby.

From November 11th-22nd, the Middle School Student Council ran a food drive. Each homeroom competed against each other to see who could bring in the most food. For 8th grade Mrs. Nigrini's homeroom won with 126 cans. For 7th grade Mr. Bagenstose's homeroom won with 340 cans. For 6th grade Mrs. Tulone's homeroom with 339 cans narrowly beat Miss Keim's homeroom with 330 cans. In total, the middle school collected over 1,000 cans! This food was donated to Friedens Lutheran Food Pantry.

A teacher will be selected monthly to spotlight in our building newsletter (November & December newsletters will be combined). The teacher of the month for November was Mr. Ken Bagenstose, ELA.

On Friday, December 6th the Oley Valley PTSO sponsored the Middle School dress-up dance from 7:00-9:30pm. Over 100 students participated. Students had the opportunity to take formal photos, dance, eat and socialize. It was a very positive event with many supportive parents decorating and assisting throughout the evening.

Four middle school teachers participated in a “Dreambox” demo on December 11th with the elementary staff. DreamBox Learning is an online software provider. The program offers math resources for students in grades K-8. It is our goal to identify appropriate/successful resources for our students.

High School Board Report

Gina Finnerty, Principal

December 2019

Oley Valley High continues its lynx spirit with lots of activities, spirit, and academic success. On November 19th, we inducted new members of National Honor Society. Our students and parents came out to celebrate the hard work and service of our outstanding students.

On November 25, 26, and 27th, we had parent conferences. When teachers weren’t meeting with parents, they were collaborating with each other looking at curriculum and student data, and discussing ways to improve their instruction to meet the needs of students. Parents had positive feedback and some even took the time to email after conferences to share their experiences!

We congratulated two students for their nomination to the Fleetwood Rotary Student of the Month, Abigail Marburger, our BCTC representative; and, Haley Weidman on December 4th at the Moselem Spring Golf Club.
Our athletic teams continue to prove they are the best! Our cheerleaders won 2nd at Districts and have qualified for the PIAA State Championships on January 10 & 11th. Our Field Hockey and Boys soccer teams ended their seasons as BCIAA Champions and field hockey went to States finishing second behind Wyoming Seminary!

On December 10, 2019, Jenn Hoffman, Jason Moll, and Chris Buckner presented to the Berks County STEM network. They shared all of the amazing things Oley Valley School District is doing with STEM at all three levels. About 40 people from across the county attended and left with positive and innovative ideas to incorporate at their respective school.

On Friday, December 13th, our HS had the Chorus and Orchestra concert where it was standing room only! Our students, once again, did a phenomenal job and certainly helped everyone get in the spirit of the holidays!

Our guidance department is meeting with 9th and 10th grade students in large (approx 15/20 students) groups to complete a career interest assessment. The 10th graders have completed the career interest profiler which identifies students’ likes and correlates to careers that might be appropriate for them. The 9th graders will complete the Strength Explorer. This inventory takes into account what students are good at doing and correlates it to career options. The students complete a worksheet to help solidify if any of these careers have long term potential. The counselors are also meeting with mid marking period failures as well as planning the upcoming paw squad meetings. Last but not least, they continue to monitor our seniors in danger of failing, as well as follow up with those last minute students that still have not submitted their college applications.

Everyone is excited for the holiday break but we are coming together for Monday, December 23rd for a service day. The high school has various activities, friendly competitions, and volunteer opportunities that will give everyone a choice of how to participate and spend their time serving others, including raising money for Mini-thon. Our staff and students have also participated in Toys for Tots and Teddy Bear Collection for Conner and Brinley Snyder of Greenwich Elementary in Kutztown.
On behalf of the high school staff and students of Oley Valley High School, we hope everyone has a wonderful holiday and Happy New year!

Important Upcoming Events






1/17/2020 EARLY DISMISSAL MS @ 12:50, HS @ 1:00, ES @ 1:50



1/24/2020 ES MOVIE NIGHT 7:00 PM

1/25/2020 MEBC Sr. County Concert 7:30 PM

1/28/2020 ES PTO MEETING 6:30 PM






2/14/2020 EARLY DISMISSAL MS @ 12:50, HS @ 1:00, ES @ 1:50



2/20/2020 HS MOSAIC CONCERT 7:00 PM

2/21/2020 HS MOSAIC CONCERT 7:00 PM

2/25/2020 ES PTO MEETING 6:30 PM



Oley Valley School District Board of Directors

David R. Pollock Jr., President

Robert A. Heckman, Vice President

Dawn Zackon, Treasurer

Eric Clemmer, Member

Nancy Jackson, Member

Darrell L. Markley, Ed.D., Member

Mary Lou Parry, Member

Ralph Richard, Member

Stuart Salen, Member

John M. Stott, Esquire, Board Solicitor

Maria H. Jones, Board Secretary, non-member

Oley Valley School District

The Oley Valley School District is an Equal Opportunity Employer and Educator who fully and actively supports equal access for all people regardless of Race, Color, Religion, Gender, Age, National Origin, Veteran Status, Disability, Genetic Information or Testing, Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity or Expression and prohibits Retaliation against individuals who bring forth any complaint, orally or in writing, to the employer or the government, or against any individuals who assist or practice in the investigation of any complaint, or otherwise oppose discrimination. Compliance issues/questions should be directed to the Office of the Superintendent.