Tyler's Tech Tips

January 2017

In this Issue: The Most Dangerous Writing App, Free Online Digital Illustration Course, Phonics Tricksters App, Google Maps and your Timeline, and MACUL.

Our Discovery Island: Phonic Tricksters App

Phonic Tricksters is an app made by Pearson Education that uses Augmented Reality and Phonics for lewer elementary students. It is free, but only lets you use two characters. For a 99 cent in-app purchase, more of the characters can be used. Basically, the app has tricksters that steal from a library of phonics and students have to find them. The tricksters are hiding somewhere in the room, which is where Augmented Reality comes into play. Students have to scan the room using the device's camera and take the picture of the trickster. If the trickster stole the "Ch" sound, the student would have to find the picture that started with "Ch." My 5-year-old daughter has been loving it, and I love that she is learning too! Download the IOS app here, or check out the app on Google Play here.

Google Maps - Your Timeline

Google Maps recently just came out with a feature on their Android and Web versions of Google Maps. It is called "Your Timeline" and is both really neat, but also creepy. Timeline allows you to see a map of everywhere you have been, showing the route that you took. When I open the Google Maps app on my Android phone, I can find my timeline in my settings. Once in my timeline, I can select any day from the calendar and it will show me in great details where I traveled and even what pictures I took on my route. It tells me how long I was at each location, how many miles and how much time I was driving.

This is a great feature for those who track mileage or for parents who want to track their children and see where and when they have been to different locations.