A few steps deciding emergency or not

It’s 5:30pm. You just got home from a long day at work and your companion Ginger vomited on the floor. You start to panic as you are uncertain what to do. You pick up Ginger and rush back to the car and start the frantic drive to your vet. You call and tell them you are running red lights to make it there before they close because you have an emergency!
You arrive at the office and Ginger runs into the building and begins jumping on everyone. She is wagging her tail and barking at the clinic cat. You begin to feel bad because it doesn’t appear that anything is wrong with Ginger now. Maybe she just wanted to go for a car ride?
There are a few basic parameters you can check on your pets (dog or cat) to see if you are dealing with an emergency.


Gum Color

Skin Tent and Facial Swelling


These four things are the quick way to check your pet to see if you need to rush to the vet’s office or whether you can wait it out a day or so.
* BAR, pink gums, quick skin tent- most likely ok to wait until morning.
* QAR, light pink gums, quick skin tent- keep a close eye over night
* DEP, pale gums, slow skin tent- need to be seen ASAP.
* Swollen face- need to be seen ASAP