Trip into Space!

Ever wished you could take a trip into space?

Take the most luxurious and out of this world space tour you will ever see!

This wondrous trip is a trip of a lifetime! you will see the whole universe in action! You discover the beauty of the milky way, reaching to the edge of our galaxy!

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In this awe inspiring trip, we will include..

  • A tour guide to explain our wondrous astronomical solar system
  • Built in recliner seats to let you relax while inside the space ship
  • A glass viewing floor to watch the amazing universe around us

We will be stopping of at different planets and parts of space, see below for our schedule.

  1. First stop, Mars: this amazing planet is our first destination, only taking 2 hours to get there thanks to our new and improved turbo jet engines! As we land on the surface of mars, you will be able to do all kinds of activities like crater climbing, non gravitational golf, and (not for the light hearted) our deep cavern haunted tour!
  2. Second stop, Black Hole: (This part of the tour can be skipped if requested) in this part of the tour we take a look inside a real black hole! Our newly designed rocket engines turbines are created especially to work against a black holes gravity. Ever wondered what it looks like inside a black hole? well here's your chance
  3. Halfway check point cafe:

This one of a chance tour is taking off at Nasa Shuttle Landing Facility, America

Monday, June 17th 2013 at 8am to Thursday, Aug. 17th 2113 at 10am

Kennedy Parkway North

Space Center, FL

Tickets are on sale for

Full day offers

  • Children: $18,000
  • Adult: $30,000
  • Student: $15,000
  • Family (min of 2 adults 3 children) BEST VALUE! : $100,000
Half day offers

  • Children: $10,000
  • Adult: $15,500
  • Student: $8,500
  • Family (min of 2 adults and 3 children): $60,000