Andrew Jackson

A Zero to our Country

The Trail of Tears

The Trail of Tears was one of the many things that made Jackson a zero in our world and in the Indian Tribes world. Andrew Jackson did not like the Cherokee tribe or any other Indian tribe to begin with. Many things led to the Trail of Tears. Worcester vs. Georgia was one of them and a series of events happened after. This court case ruled that the Cherokee can stay on their land because they were an independent nation. Jackson did not agree with this and as a response he vowed to "light a fire" to get the Cherokees to move. Of course the Cherokee Indians had no way of fighting back so they were forced to move to a state we know as Oklahoma. This was known as the Trail of Tears. Jackson did everything in his power to get the tribes to move off of his land. This makes it a zero because he shouldn't just kick innocent people who have no way of protecting themselves off their land.

National Bank

In Jackson's presidency he destroys the National Bank. This is a zero because the National Bank has been around for quite sometime now. It started off with George Washington and has been through every president we have had after. The bank has kept the economy very stable and taking it away could cause our economy to get very out of control. Without the National Bank it will mean more money to people who don't need money, this decision of Jackson's was a big zero!

Spoil System

The Spoil System was the practice of giving government jobs to political backers. This system was not a good system because the people that were already in the government jobs and had been told they could stay there were taken out and exchanged by some of the people that admired Jackson. This is a zero because you shouldn't take a job away from someone who actually knows what they are doing and give it to someone who was just there to state their opinion and helped you once.
Age of Jackson: Crash Course US History #14

"The Second King in our Country"

Andrew Jackson was becoming a lot like a man that once ruled our nation, King George 3. Jackson was abusing his power way to much and people did not like it at all!!