Community Supported Agriculture

by Isaac Efik

Community Supported Agriculture(CSA)

Community supported agriculture is an alternative local way of model of agriculture and food distribution. CSA is a community of Individuals who vow to support a farm so that the farm then becomes the communities farm. The community would not only support the farm but also the farmer's salary and in return receive some of the farm's harvest. The people who have invested in the farms would also have to deal with the poor harvests from a unfavorable season which is one of the few down sides of being apart of Community supported Agriculture.

The benefits of participating in a Community Supported Agriculture are the fact that the growers and sponsors receive better prices for their crops and are relieved of the task which is going out and marketing the produce. The CSA offers many things and most are designed to meet the needs of the investors. Some CSA's offer produce to meet the needs of an entire community. An example of a CSA like this would be helping to treat homeless people.

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Community Supported Agriculture: What to expect when you join a farm