Hallway Handbill

Columbian Elementary - 2.15.16

ArtFeeds Carthage

ArtFeeds will be providing their Mural Curriculum each Thursday in March. Teachers who have supervision of this students will need to stay for the ArtFeeds class.

Need to Know - Protect Yourself

As we have talked about before, the district is asking us to remind all staff to keep these FERPA and HIPPA things in mind:

1. Need to Know Basis Only - Do NOT email or discuss information about a student with a person that does not need to know. The information has to have a direct impact on their education. People can lose their job for talking about information they should not, even within a school setting.

2. All health information issues need to come from Nurse Andrea both to teachers and to parents. Allow Andrea to decide who needs to know.

3. Students' diagnostic should not be shared with everyone.

For example: The things that are discussed in a GM or IEP meeting are not for everyone, even though we all work in the school building.

Group Pictures

Group Pictures will be this Thursday so look over the schedule Heather emailed out. The office will call you when they are ready for you in the gym. If you have any students in other classes than their homeroom, you need to make sure to get that student before your class picture. Our staff picture will be taken at 7:30 in the gym that morning. We will take a good one and a fun one!


Mr. Shallenburger and Mr. Endicott will be at the first of three full-day BIST Trainings.

Mr. Conrow will be here for Mr. Shallenburger. Lori will keep her normal schedule but be "on call". Please contact Mr. Conrow in the office if you have any student issues.

Weekly Schedule

Monday, Feb. 15: SLOs are due to Mr. Shallenburger

Tuesday, Feb. 16: Mr. Conrow here for Mr. Shallenburger

Thursday, Feb. 18: 7:30 am Staff Picture, 8 am Group Pictures

Friday, Feb. 19: Reset workroom copier

Looking Ahead

Tuesday, Feb. 23: Box tops pick-up

Thursday, Feb. 25: 12:20 pm 2nd grade Lunch with a Loved One

Thursday, March 3: ArtFeeds begins; EPIC students on field trip; 6 pm 2nd grade Program

Friday, March 4: 1:30 pm ROAR Assembly

*Friday, March 18: Read Around/Storybook Character Dress Up Day

**this is a change from the original email sent out


February Birthdays: 1st Nancy Janssen; 7th Jessica Lane; 14th Joyce Wilkerson; 18th Brynn Skaggs; 20th Robyn McLemore