1E- Homework Starts Today!

1st Grade Homework Packet

Homework Tonight!

Dear Parents,

Homework comes home for the first time tonight! The kids are SO excited!

In your child's Book Bag (plastic envelope), you will find the homework cover sheet, math problem solving and handwriting/spelling. In addition, your child will also bring home a book to read.

We recommend that children spend no more than 20 minutes per night on homework, as they have worked hard all day. You will notice that we have asked that homework be returned on Thursday, as we prefer that students not have homework on the weekend. However, we understand that sometimes the week nights are busy and your child may not have time to get it all done beforeThursday. In that case, you are welcome to wait to return the homework on Sunday.

Should you have any questions regarding homework, please feel free to contact me.

Kind regards,


**All first graders are receiving this same letter and same homework packets. Homework can be amended and modified as student needs vary. Please contact me if you need any help.