All About Nadia Wheeler

Meet Nadia Wheeler

My name is Nadia Wheeler. I go to Lubbock Cooper Middle School. I've gone to to Cooper since I was in 4th grade and I went to Cooper North Elementary. Both my parents Chris and Marislela Wheeler work a Tarpley Music, and my brother is in the 5th grade and goes to North Elementary. Now a bit about me, I'm a dancer.I don't dancer anywhere just by myself, but at my church we have this big room that they don't use so they let me borrow it until they need it. So after church hours I go home and eat and then head back to the church and dance.

What I think a Leader is

  • Someone you can look up to
  • Someone who takes charge
  • Someone who is loyal and friendly
  • Someone who will stand up for you

Famous Leaders

Rosa Parks. I think she's a leader, because she stood up for her race and also had the freakin guts to say "No". Like who has the guts to say that, I mean like to someone you don't know. So back to my point here. Later that she was arrested and was convicted of violating the laws. So think if you can't think of anyone to be a leader I would go with Rosa Parks.
Another person I think is a leader is Tori Kelly. I think she's a leader, because she went from a girl that was famous from a video of her sing telling everyone to have a good day to a very well known artist. She has 3 albums her first album was Handmade Songs in 2012, then Foreword in 2013 and her recent one was Unbreakable Smile in 2015.
The next leader I think is Martin Luther King Jr. He accomplished advancement of civil rights.

Leaders in my life

My mom is one of my first leaders. She is the greatest person I know. She's is a loving mother.I love my mom so much.(I couldn't find a picture of her.)
The next person is my aunt, she is the most amazing aunt in world. She's getting married in March. I think she's a leader, because she is the most confident woman I know, she is not scared to do anything.(Couldn't find a picture)
The last person I think is a leader is my best friend Symphony Muñoz. She doesn't give a crap what people think of her, she's also the weirdest person you'll meet. She is a leader to me, because she's the strongest person and likes to be competitive person.( Couldn't find picture)

Short Term Goals

  • To pass all my classes
  • Learn how to cook
  • Became a better dancer

Long Term Goals

  • Go to McMurry for collage
  • Get a good job
  • To became a teacher